Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

There Can Only Be One First

My darling rogue gave me 4 dozen roses to mark the occasion!

My first book, Duke by Day, Rogue by Night debuted Monday, October 29th via Crimson Romance. To celebrate, I hosted a book launch partay (because that’s what pirates do, don’t they?). Fortunately, many friends and family came to share this wonderful moment, like my blog sisters here at Okay, Listen Here.  The presence of well-wishing people in my house filled my home with joyful noise, a sound I shall always cherish. Surrounded by love, I rang in a first I've been striving to achieve since 1992, the publication of one of my books. The road has been long, but rewarding and I'm grateful for all that I've experienced on the journey to today.

More pirates arrived to share the spoils!

But there can be only one.

First baby’s cry.

First time trusting someone else to care for your darling prize.

First baby steps.


"Oh Jack!"

My book is walking on its own now. It left my caring arms and immediately leapt into readers' hands. And what a glorious and exhilarating feeling it is to get a direct message from the UK to explain a reader had stayed up reading my book until 2 a.m. on debut day, finished it and LOVED it! My first official fan is a fabulous lady who asked when the next book was coming out and who the hero was going to be.

Captain Guffald, of course!  (But she posed an alternate hero that has me pondering. And another book might be brewing!)

My devishly handsome rogue!

And that leads me to my next first.  The sophomore book.  Yes, now I get to finish the sequel, send it in and hopefully watch it soar too.  Life is like rungs on a ladder.  One step up may force you two steps back, but the way is always up, my friends.  No matter how many rungs number below you, there will always be another first step toward an achievement ahead.  Never give up!  Never surrender!

I’m ready for the challenge.  What challenges you today?

Katherine Bone


  1. Popping in to grin and smile, happy that your dreams are coming true! I'm so proud of you!!!

    1. Thank you, Crystal!! I really appreciate that you took the time to comment today and thank you for your kindness. You're a big part of my success and I wish the same for you!!! <3

  2. Replies
    1. Yes it was! Thank you and Happy Halloween to you too!!! <3