Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where Did That Elf Come From?

 If anyone had ever told Stephanie and me that we would create a world with elves, we would have laughed hard. We still aren't real sure where they came from. We just looked up one day and there they were. We don't read high fantasy. We don't read adventure fantasy. And we haven't written either one. These are romantic comedies set in a magical world.

Maybe we didn't create this world so much as we listened when these elves asserted themselves and wouldn't let us go. We love them. We think you might too. They are available in electronic format from Amazon. If you'd like to take a gaze, click on the titles.

In half-elf Farron Tain's world of magic and monsters, few have the ability to fight evil. But there is no question in Farron's mind that he can be the elite among the rare—a Bard. As for this nonsense about Bards having to find true love before they can reach their full power—well. That's ridiculous. He doesn’t need anything or anybody.

When Sylvana Allvar took the orphaned boy to raise, she knew he was special and she swore she'd help him find the path to. But will his own arrogance defeat him before the enemy can?

The Bard's Runaway Elven Bride



Ambree Tantallon is a highborn elf maiden, brought up in an elite society, where she has been sheltered from the atrocities of the world.  She has never encountered people of other races, violence, nor the crusaders who battle the monsters of the world. She will live for a thousand years. 


Farron Tain, who is half elf and half human, fights evil with magical music and sword.  His successes bring him riches and a brand of self-assuredness that crosses the line into arrogance.   Accustomed to his overwhelming charm paving the way for him, Farron never wastes a moment on self-doubt.



Elves usually marry for love, but renowned sorcerer Tylden Caldaron isn’t worried. He likes women. All women. There’s no reason why he can’t like this one. Besides, he’s tired of being alone, and he needs a magical amulet from Dariana’s father. He’s made bigger sacrifices than this trade. After all, he just killed a two-headed hydra. What’s one little marriage?


Dariana Silvan is the daughter of a powerful arch-mage and descendant of royalty. She doesn’t want much, just a life where she can fit in and be loved for herself. What she doesn’t want is an arranged marriage with a handsome rake who puts a whole new spin on "charming". But she's enchanting… and some magic is worth fighting for. 

                                                        ...ALWAYS SPELL BIG TROUBLE

Alicia Hunter Pace's richly drawn Elven Brides of Lochmoor Saga introduced me to a magical world I hated to leave.  Pace's characters will stay with me a long time, and I sincerely hope more Elven Brides are on the way!"

                                        ---- NYT Bestseller Vicki Lewis Thompson


  1. Gasp! There's more than one...??? I'm enjoying "Something About a Bard", reading it on my phone as I go through my crazy errand day. And yes, I love it! It's fun! Keep telling these stories, y'all!

  2. Something About A Bard is a novella that tells how our characters got there start.

    The Bard's Runaway Elven Bride is Farron and Ambree's story. Farron is in charge. He tends to business. He is Stephanie's creation.

    My Big Fat Elven Wedding is Tylden and Dariana's story. I cannot wait until you meet Tylden. He's is much like you. I adore him.

  3. This is great! I've got to get over to Amazon and get these! Love your covers.

  4. Oooh! I've read There's Something About a Bard and I LOVED it!! Just so happens I bought all three books for my Kindle today. Woot!

    Good luck with your Elves, Jean and Stephanie, I mean Alicia Hunter Pace!!!

    1. Thank you, Kathy. If you feel let to say you love it in a review on Amazon, we wouldn't mind.

  5. Congrats! These sound like such fun stories! Warning: Indy publishing will spoil you! I love the control and getting monthly checks from Amazon direct deposit. Woo hoo! Also, you may see a big difference in income. Case in point: an author I know had a Carina Press book out in 2010. She's made about $1000 on it in 2 years. In 2011, she went Indy with her next book and so far she's made over $16,000. Be sure to sign up for Kindle Select program for one story so you can have free days. That will shoot your numbers up and increase sales on the other titles.

    1. Thank you, Patricia. I just figured out how to do that. We will do that today. My understanding is, it will start at midnight and go until midnight on the last day.

  6. These books look so fun!! I can't wait to add them to my TBR list :-)