Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Once Upon a Time and the Frickin’ Family Perfect

nce upon a time there was this whacked-out art student who didn’t really know what the heck she wanted to be when she grew up.  Along came the brainiacal science student who knew exactly what he wanted and it had nothing to do with any artist, whacked out or not.  But soon they were in love and all plans got thrown overboard to make way for Mr. And Mrs. Artsy-Science Perfection.  Shortly thereafter, along came the Perfect Family, in order as things do.  Perfect Child Number One was beautiful in every way and perfect beyond belief, driving everyone insane with her planning disorders and timing terrors.  Perfect Child Number Two was just as lovely and perfect, with a little bit heavier dose of the artsy-whack than the first, exploring all mediums to build the perfect structure.  

And then came along the Wicked Queen to ruin everything.  Yep.  You know it!  The Wicked Queen of Late-Night-Trauma, in charge of all homework-drama given across the land.  It doesn’t really matter which assignment she gives.  No, it applies to all homework assignments that have to do with let’s-give-it-to-the-child-of-Perfect-Family…they can do it, yes they can!  And then the paint fumes and time and glue swirl together and mix into a Perfect Family Nightmare as they all lend a hand to make the perfect artsy-science homework turn out the way the Wicked Queen of Late-Night-Trauma has designed….Perfecto! 

And so my dear blog-followers, forgive me if you will.  But I have breathed in too many paint and glue fumes to make sense of the colorful words on the page.  And thus, I give to you the Frickin’ Family Perfect. 

And then we watched Once Upon a Time to regain our family sanity.

The End.

Do you have perfection genetic issues?  How about Sharpies….do you love them or hate them?  What about spray glue?  Ever watch Once Upon A Time…..? 


  1. I LOVE spray glue. I don't ever use it at school but I love, love, love to use it on the one or two projects a decade that I do. It is so neat and clean! None of that running or pressing out around the edges.

    I am also a pretty big sharpie fan but I use them much more often. Probably not a day goes by that I don't use a sharpie for something. I even carry two different colors in my pocketbook.

  2. What is spray glue? Can it get you in trouble like super glue, which I cannot be allowed to have?

  3. Oh how I love thee,Spray Glue! The ways are innumerable!

    And Jean, of course you can get into trouble with it! I once made hat boxes for Christmas presents. Yes, from scratch...I don't know what I was thinking! And while I was riveted to the process itself, it escaped me that I was literally gluing my house together. That's when I learned that spray glue is to be used outdoors. It took until the following Christmas to get all the glue removed from household surfaces. Sigh.

    Thankfully, I wasn't banned from the glue...just power tools. Fire incidents weigh heavier in Flynn Justice than do glue incidents. :D

    1. Keep her away from power tools!!!

    2. Anonymous...you are absolutely right! Hahaha! Thanks for dropping by! :D

  4. Oh! I forgot! Jean, spray glue is just what it says, spay glue. 3M makes one that I usually use. Last night I tried one that claims you can reposition whatever you're working with before it dries. No need. 3M has me trained to be perfect in my adhering things. Once it's stuck, it's there for life....or until you take turpentine to it. It's kind of like contact cement in a spray form, and longer lasting. It's great stuff! :D