Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Friday, April 26, 2013

Batcat to the Rescue!

I've been kinda absent in the past few months...absent from blogging but present everywhere else, it seems.  And in that absence I posted a few incidents on social networking sights that a few folks have requested again.  So, I'll try to post them here in the next few days/weeks just for fun and for getting back in the swing of things.  Enjoy!  :D

From February 17th...

For all my grumbling about Chali2Na and his consistent begging for me to let him outside throughout most days, I’m very thankful this morning for his persistence. From the first time I brought him home with me, he’s been extremely aware of our property…he tells me things…things like when a package arrives on the porch and the delivery man doesn't knock or ring the bell. (That one freaked me out the first time it happened.) He also lets me know when my little one doesn't get off the bus. I usually have to calm him down on that one.

But this morning? The little buggar would NOT give in. I had already fed him, there are no bus schedules or deliveries on Sunday mornings, and it’s too cold for him to go outside...I’d already tried pushing him out four times! But what to do when he won’t give up and keeps meowing and pressing his little clawwed-paws against me to get my attention? Okay already! Ack!

So I go to let him outside, again! But what does my little rescuer take me to? A fire in the kitchen! Yep. Earlier, I had turned on the front burner of the black glass-top stove to heat a pot of water, placed the water on the back burner and didn't notice the dark green oven mitt sitting on the front burner that I had turned on. Gads! And there it was right in front of me, up in flames! Mr. Chali2Na sat smug in the middle of the room waiting for me to jump to it.

Oh the smell was awful! Bleck! Of course, I quickly put the fire out (thanking Norma Jean for teaching me these skills as a child). And then Chali decided it wasn’t too cold to go outside afterall. Buggar!

Strangely, the rest of the family slept through the entire episode…..I was soooo tempted to yell FIRE! and wake 'em all up! Hahaha….imagine the mayhem….hahaha! Nah, I decided on another quiet cup of coffee instead.  See? Sometimes I keep my circus to myself! :D

How 'bout you?  Ever been rescued by a rescue cat?  

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Under the Influence of Love

I’m on my way home from a little hiatus in the clouds brought on by a dance that the local dentist initiated.  Don’t get me wrong, she’s a keeper, the dentist.  But, whoa doggies!  Did that little spin around the chair ever cause me some down time! 

So what’s a girl to do when she’s left drug-dizzy and immobile for two weeks?  She’s left to take a little help from her friends, yesiree.  So I took a nudge from all my TV lovin’ friends and set out to watch some shows from the past few years.  Why?  Because I think the last time I watched TV as a form of entertainment (and not for the weather ripping through town) was about the time I had my first kid.  I just haven’t had a minute to spare for such things since then.  So I aimed to catch up a little and see what I’ve missed.  I didn’t get very far.  Once I caught up with the latest episodes of Eureka on Netflix with the mini-Nerdette, the next place I landed was where I stayed. 

It’s a little place in Kentucky where there’s a bad-ass Deputy US Marshall named Raylan Givens.  I think I fell in love with him on the spot.  Now Netflix can’t exchange DVDs with me fast enough.  I’m a TV addict.  Yes I am.  And I've got forty two episodes to go. 

So what do you do when someone says, "Relax.  This won't hurt a bit."?  Ever fall in love while under the influence?