Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Stowing Unnecessary Baggage

Driving home from work today, I was dazzled by the breeze gently stripping leaves off of the trees.  Various colors of discarded foliage whipped across my path.  This, of course, is normal during Autumn, but I was taken aback by the beauty in discarded things.

For some reason, these days I've been feeling a burr under my pirate garb to discard many things in my life, namely clothes I don't wear anymore and so forth.  (Especially after the store changed the dress code.)  You get the idea, right?  Honestly, how much stuff does a pirate need?  The answer should be, only enough to carry aboard ship whilst sailing off on a new adventure.  But is that true?  Well, that's got me pondering again about life and what I want and need.

Why is my closet so full?  Why do I stash things under my bed?  (Besides 3 novels that will never see the light of day.)  Why must I cram other things in nooks and crannies to get them out of the way?  What do I do with normal decorations while I put out Christmas decorations?  And what's up with holding onto my kids things in the hopes that my grandchildren will play with them?  (They only want to learn to rove like Captain Mimi anyway.)

I digress... but you get the picture.

But today, I realized something as those leaves made their way lyrically through the air only to land in a heap on the ground.  We cast off from shore all the time, leaving behind old homes, towns, schools, friends, and least desired... family.  Yes, we entertain the notion that the grass is always greener on the other side.  We purchase and stash, purchase and stash.  We stand in long lines just for the chance to buy things on sale, even when we don't know if what we want will still be available.  All of this made more perfectly clear as this past weekend and Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping madness hit stride as stores opened on Thanksgiving night!

As I sit at my computer and listen to Baroque music while writing this post, it occurs to me that none of that stuff really matters.  As long as I have a crew to lead, a ship to sail, and a compass to point to what I want most, I'm content.

How do you deal with unnecessary baggage? 


  1. I am a neat freak living amongst pack-rats. I used to think badly of my father for his neat-freakedness until I saw the sheer beauty of everything in its right place. Of course that was when I ventured into librarian-wanna-be mode. And oh how I love me some everything- in-its-right-place! But then I drive my peeps as crazy as they do me. It's a constant battle. They want to "stick" things and I want to" deal" with things. Ugh. But all of that said, I am a fanatic about throwing away or giving away. If it hasn't been used in 6 months it gets tagged; a year and it's gone. Except for those toys. Why do I still have the Sesame Street table and chairs? What about Starlight the Cheval Fantastique? Apparantly they can slip past my genetic neat gene. A brain-boggle. The exception to my every rule? Maybe so. But I'm itching to pack up all the tea sets I've collected over the years and put them in a hope chest for a household on the horizon. Maybe then I won't hear them sassin' me with their constant "You don't even use us! We just sit on the shelf and take up space. Where's your fancy use it or loose it rule now? Huh? Huh? Huh?" Buggars!

    Love the falling leaves analogy! Beautiful! <3

  2. So I'm not alone? Good to know I'm in good company, Lesia! ;)

    I also have a problem with thinking I might need that later. LOL!