Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Roadtrip Anyone?

Lately I have been on the road a lot.  It has been for some good fun things like the release party for Katherine Bone and the fantastic Southern Magic Readers' Luncheon. I have really enjoyed visiting with fellow authors, seeing old friends, and making new ones.

All of this time in the car has gotten me to thinking about roadtrips...So what is your favorite road trip?


  1. Oh that's easy-peasy! Any road trip that involves a BMW and a winding mountain road...with me behind the wheel, of course! Hwy 1 towards Muir Beach comes to mind as well as Big Cottonwood Canyon Road leading up, up, and away from Salt Lake City. But who am I kidding? Hwy 41A to Monteagle will do in a pinch! :D

    The real question here is.....who will accompany? Will it be Jason Mraz, James Taylor, Iron and Wine, Adele, Aretha.....?

    1. Lesia, I agree that who accompanies you can often make the trip more fun1

  2. I'm late posting here, sorry. But I love roadtrips, especially when we all go to RWA conference. Great times! With my neck issues, I'm not so fond of long car trips anymore. We've done a great many of those in our time. LOL! Often to hilarious ends.

    But fun is fun. And friends always bring on the fun!