Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, November 15, 2012

I Coulda Had a Wha?

I’ve been to many readers/writers events now.  I can say I’m fairly comfortable with the process of what’s expected of me.  (Insert insurance policy for all of what I just said becoming totally and incurably false.  Just sayin’.)  And so on Saturday, it was really no hill for me to step up to the plan and execute two events in two different towns in one day.  Right?  At least that’s what I told myself.  

After the alarm snoozing off and on for over an hour, I finally get up and run for the shower hollering for someone to make coffee.  Veezer stops me in my tracks to ask why I’m in such a rush. “Because it’s your day, Sugar!” I say.  And then she assures me, after going over the detailed schedule of events for her Regional Lego Robotics Competition, that I am not needed there until the Awards Ceremony at 5pm.  Whew.  What a lovely little planning executive I have there!  And so I slow down to have some coffee to speed up again.  

By 10:30 I had enjoyed a lovely quiet morning, showered and headed out the door to take on the day with my HOD peeps, docs in hand, and an hour and a half drive towards middle Alabama in front of me.  It’s a great drive.  I usually fill the car with music and sing my heart out with no one to tell me to stop.  And so I sing, sing, sing.  Until the road narrows to one lane and then comes to a complete stop.  Construction.  Wha?  My head spins around looking for answers like an owl on its perch.  I just came down this road two days ago...there was no construction then? I need gas for the car.  And I was going to eat.   By 11:15 there’s still no movement except for the whirling of the blue lights from Mr. Copper’s car top letting everyone (namely, Me!) know they can’t take matters into their own hands and take the shoulder of the road all the way  to their destination.  Buggar.  

And that’s  how the day went.  Hurry up…slow down.  Talk faster….hush up.  Gads!  After two meetings with my peeps it finally dawned on me…  I Coulda Had a V-8!  Or at least a delegation party, which is what I should’ve done when I found out I had two events on the same day.  

But all was well…I was traveling down the road again to the other side of several mountains.  And that’s precisely when the text came in.  “We’re heading to the Awards Ceremony.  Where are you?”

An hour later I walked into the gym just in time to see the second half of awards handed out.  And which one goes to my Veezer’s team, the Robotic Predators?  First Place, Baby!  And I missed the entire Nerd-fest.  But I got the picture!  Go Predators!  Woot!  Woot!  The Robotic Predators go to State Competitions in January.  I won’t be missing that one!  I’m such a proud Nerd-Momma!  :D

 Inside my mind I can be in two places at one time.  I can do a Triple Sow Cow (Salchow) in there, too!  Can you?


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  2. Well, I for one am glad you made it to where I was!

    But I know you hated to miss the awards.


  3. I hate days like that. Usually if I'm making good time to work during the week, something will come up to slow me down. Isn't that just the way of the world? LOL!

    So glad you got to go to the meeting. Wish I could have gone but my darling kids were home and I need to take advantage of that when it happens these days. ;)

  4. Oh and I meant to add:

    Congrats, Veeger!!!! Rock on!!!

  5. Thanks y'all! We go to State next....wooHOOooo! Nobody's excited or anything....tehehehe!