Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Friday, November 9, 2012

Recipe Friday: Baked Pancake Squares

First, I want to say, I have given you a picture of a maple leaf instead of a picture of a leaf shaped bottle of maple syrup like I wanted to. See, here's the thing. Photobucket is my go to site for free images. Except when I went there today, it was all different and I could not cope. When I went to other supposedly free sites, they kept tricking me and wanting me to pay $19. for that bottle of syrup. Now, I love you all here but that is not happening. So then I did download a picture of the bottle I wanted.  But I wasn't really sure if I was supposed to have it for free because it had a swirly thing in the middle. I could have used it but I am not into stealing someone's stuff. Also, the internet does not owe me free syrup.

So I know this picture was free. Enjoy it. Or not. Either way this is a good recipe for days when you don't feel like taking the trouble to make those wonderful pancakes that Lesia posted about yesterday.

 I call them Lazy Pancakes.

Baked Pancake Squares
            3/4 cup milk
2 T. melted butter
1 large egg
1 T. sugar
1 cup flour
2 t. baking powder
1/4 t. salt

Preheat oven to 350°. Lightly grease an 8×8 baking dish. In a large mixing bowl, beat together milk, butter and egg. Add sugar, then gradually beat the flour in. Carefully stir in the baking powder and salt. Pour batter into prepared pan. Bake for 20-25 minutes. Serves 4-6.


  1. Jean Hovey! I love you! This is the perfect recipe for leftover Maple Pecan Syrup! I am SO making these pancakes for some Sunday morning, easy-peasy, lip-lickin' Yum! :P

    1. I am wondering about using buttermilk instead of regular. It might be just the thing. I am a great believer in buttermilk. Not to drink. Oh, no. I couldn't do that. I don't drink any milk, so it's a good think I have delicate digestion that requires me to take antacids a few times a week. That is the source of my calcium. Well, that and ice cream. And cheese.

      Anyway, I cook with buttermilk. And make salad dressing.

  2. I'm almost ashamed to mention it here, but one of my mother's innovations to save time (she had six kids) was to fry biscuits in butter. She used canned biscuits, fried them in melted butter, flattening them as they browned, flipping them, flattening, flipping, etc., and they served as fast and easy pancakes. The taste isn't quite the same, but they're very good, and kids love them because they're more kid-sized. Obviously no extra butter is needed, just pancake syrup and either bacon or sausage as a side.

    1. Oh, I would so eat that. "Totally" as my nieces would say. In college we used to fry canned biscuits in oil in the popcorn popper and roll them in powdered sugar, but this is a step up.

      I will go ahead and admit that I would cheerfully throw some Spam in that skillet.