Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Living Large Underneath a Stetson

I was saddened earlier in the week to hear of Larry Hagman’s death.  The first I read of it was a short blurb on Facebook about how he claimed to be the reason for the Berlin Wall coming down.  And of course, I can’t find that article now or I’d send you there to see for yourself.  

Anyways, apparently he claimed that he caused the fall of the Berlin Wall by way of the success of the TV show Dallas that he starred in in the 1980s.  To his thinking (according to the article), the show caused the changes because the world saw how opulent and abundant life could be in the US by way of Dallas reruns.  He might’ve been on to something there.  You can’t exactly rise to a possibility you don’t know is out there.  

The article also mentioned that Mr. Hagman was a huge storyteller.  I don’t know firsthand if he was or not, but I do know he was a big man.  I know because I found myself standing next to him at an arts festival in Dallas back in the ‘80s.  Yes indeed.  I looked up to see who was there next to me, and low and behold I found myself shrinking down to Polly Pocket size as I looked up, and up, and up.  I mean he was Big!  And on top of that, he wore himself a 10 ½ gallon Stetson hat to boot!  And le’me tellya!  His smile would melt the world’s crisis down to a liquid puddle!  He was big and beautiful!  And quite a gentleman too, at least that day I saw him.

I didn’t watch much of Dallas since I was kinda surrounded by it back then.  But I did watch a lot of the younger version of Larry Hagman on I Dream of Jeannie when I was very (very!) young.  I loved that show because it made me laugh, and y’all know I do love me some laughter!  

On a different TV note, I’ve been lassoed by Southern Belle (of the Margarita Mamas variety) into watching Bayou Billionaires.  What in the Sam Hill…?  Y’all should be afraid.  Those are my crazy coonass people!  One show was all I needed to require a personal speech therapist.  Aszou kin prolly tell here, I ain’t quite recovered yit, dagnabbit!  

Well... Goodnight Mr. Hagman.  May you rest in peace.  And thank you for all the smiles and laughter….and for bringing that wall down, too!  :D

How about you…do you have memories of Larry Hagman on any favorite TV shows?  How about a Stetson hat…got one of those?


  1. I watched I Dream of Jeannie in reruns when I was a little girl. I loved it! Her bottle was so cool!

    I also watched Dallas. I even watched the recent shows that were Dallas now. It has many of the old characters on it.

    I guess we will never have to wonder again, "Who shot J.R.?"

  2. Wait....I missed that detail! Who shot him? Am I supposed to know this? Did this happen while I was TV free? Or am I just confused because the Fax machine has succeeded in sucking all of my brains out today?

  3. I loved I DREAM OF JEANIE! OMG, I watched that all the time as a little girl. Loved Dallas too. And I do know who shot J.R. I used to have a stick pin that said "I Love J.R." But, to be fair, I had a horse named J.R. - he was born in 1969, so before LH was J.R. :)

  4. Very sad to see Larry Hagman go. So many great actors and actresses are leaving us these days. Makes me remember what my Grandy used to say: that the hardest thing of all was to watch them all go, one by one.

    Loved Larry Hagman's comedic timing!!