Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Numbers are Everywhere

As a writer I tend to focus on words.  How they sound, what they mean and the beauty of a well crafted sentence, especially if it has the graceful flow of alliteration in it.  I love words.  I always have.  Just ask my mother.  She once said that she couldn't wait for me to talk but then she wished I would be quiet.  She was not the last person to think that about me!
So imagine my surprise to realize that my life right now is being driven by numbers.  I have two days until Spring Break then I have six days until my students begin taking standardized tests.  I need them to ALL score 80 % or higher.  Then we have four weeks until summer vacation. 

Pantster and I are working hard to get a revised book completed. It is 348 pages long.  So I ask myself how many pages can I read by Monday when she and I work together.  We are probably going to work on breaking it into three parts so I think about how many pages will end up in each section. I also need to do some research related to completing the work so I wonder when I will get to that and how many hours it will take? I am really excited about getting to both of these so there is yet another reason to be counting down the hours until Spring Break. 
It is like my head is just a jumble of numbers.  It seems that the numbers won't fall into line as easily as the words usually do for me.  Maybe if I had one of Kathy's Sleep Number beds it would go better for me.

I know we usually are talking about words, but what kinds of numbers do you have running around in your head today?


  1. It must be contagious, the numbers. I have them all over my life right now too! The most significant numbers are the 10-12 pages per day schedule I put myself on and the realization after reading your post that school's out in mere weeks (I'm afraid to say how many days!) Whew! Numbers!

  2. LOL! That's right. Your babies are going to be home with you all day soon, soon, soon! Mwmwhaha!!!

  3. Sorry I didn't respond to your post on Thursday, Stephanie. Life has been hectic since I got back from my trip to see my son.

    Numbers and statistics are crazy things, aren't they? They are constantly in flux. We can try to imagine the sum of numbers, plan for an expected range and/or calculate time and how long a project will take, but we will never be accurate because we cannot adjust time like a sleep number bed. LOL! If only...

    Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now. Hang in there and enjoy your spring break!

  4. Numbers are constant. Until they’re not.Our inability to influence outcome is the great equalizer. Makes the world fair. Computers generate random numbers in an attempt to glean meaning out of probability. Endless numerical sequences,lacking any pattern.During cataclysmic global events like tsunami, earthquake,the attacks on 9/11, these random numbers suddenly stop being random. As our collective consciousness synchronizes, so do the numbers. Science can’t explain the phenomenon, but religion does. It’s called prayer. A collective request, sent up in unison. A shared hope.

    From tv show: Touch
    I just had to post this after reading your article