Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What's in a Name?

What’s in a name? I have often pondered how people come up with some of the names of businesses. Do they sit and actually think about it or do they simply write down the first thing that comes to their mind? Or does it have to do with registering their business with the Secretary of State and the name they actually wanted was already taken so they had to come up with something else fast?

After visiting the Plains this weekend we were driving back home through the remainder of a tropical storm. I am a nervous passenger when there are fifty mile per hour wind gusts so I sought some way to calm my nerves. The name of a business caught my eye and thus this blog was born. I began writing down the names of some businesses and I thought I would share them with you.

The first one was a fish restaurant on Lake Martin by the name of “Fish Tales.” Now, think about it: is this a place to go discuss the one that got away? To me it conjures images of dirty, fishy fishermen sitting around, swilling beer and telling tales. Not exactly a place where I would want to go with my family. Just a thought. Though the name is cute, maybe it’s not conveying the right image. Then we have “Catfish Cabin.” I have a mental picture of a family of catfish living somewhere in a cabin by the lake. I shudder to think about knocking on the door and being greeted by a two hundred pound catfish with long whiskers. That made me remember a place I saw in South Carolina named “Bronco’s Barbeque.” There was this big image of a horse on the top of the building. Of course you wonder: are these people making French barbeque out of horse? Secret's in the sauce...

Beauty Shops – Yes, here in the South we still call them that. Not salons – BEAUTY SHOPS. I passed one name “Curl Harbor.” Very cute name until you start equating that with Pearl Harbor which was an excruciating defeat for the United States. Does that mean that any hair cut you get there is going to be a disaster? Not exactly what you want to convey in a name. Then there was “Hairspray Heaven.” Really? I mean that brings to mind my grandmother, tight perms, and lacquer. And, ta da, there was a salon – “Splash Salon.” Are you going to make a big splash with your new hairdo or is someone going to splash something on you while you are there? Just some confusion on my part.

We passed a junkyard outside of Oneonta which had a body shop named “”Sudden Impact.” It’s kind of like naming a hospital “Cuts r’ Us.” Are you really hoping for someone to have a “sudden impact?”

The “Mater Shop” was a roadside market selling, you guessed it tomatoes, along with other vegetables. Another one was the “Picnic Basket.” I just thought that was odd.

There was an antique store named “Antiques and Uniques.” Now, that was very catchy but then I started wondering, what’s a unique? I don’t think that is a noun. Another store, specializing in patio furniture was named “The Swing Thing.” Without being too specific, that conjured other images in my mind, risque’ ones at that.

The best one was Jordan-Hare Stadium. I love the name, wouldn't change a thing about it because it epitomizes all the wonderful things I love about that special place. And, you see the nicest people there!


So, are there any unusually named places that you know? Share the names with us here under the Tulip Tree.


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  2. I didn't see it myself, but a friend swears she saw a beauty shop (yes, Cheryl, beauty shop) called Curl Up and Dye.

  3. Up in north Alabama there is a produce company called "OK Produce." I have always thought that if I had been naming a company I wouldn't have just wanted to be ok, I would want to be excellent or really fresh or something less medicore.

  4. Jean, wow! You win hands down for this one! Reckon what the patrons want to do when they're finished at the shop? LOL

    I agree Stephanie. I don't think they thought the name through. I also don't understand Piggly Wiggly. The mascot is a pig in a butcher's outfit. Kind of makes me cringe.

  5. Well, we have a 'Mater Shack' that's a roadside stand for local fruits and veggies, and a BBQ place named "Pig Stand" which isn't too bad, but the logo, or maybe its mascot, is a pig standing up, wearing an apron, grilling. Sounds a little cannibalistic, doesn't it? To be fair, they have great BBQ :)
    I like the fact that your hubby's camera didn't break when he took that photo- I've been known to have devastating effects on cameras:) WAR EAGLE!!

  6. Hey Cathy! I know what you mean - it does seem cannibalistic. Our local barbeque has a big picture of a pig standing over a fire warming her posterior with the quote "Best Butts in Town!" Kind of weird but they do have good barbeque.

    You look great in the photo! It was good to see you on the Plains! War Eagle!!!