Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bubble, Bubble

Cheryl's blog Tuesday got  me to thinking about the size of my personal bubble.  I like a lot of space around me unless I know you pretty well and even then I don't want you behind me. 

Most people who I know like some space around them.  Oh sure, we all know those "close talkers" who invade your space as they converse with you but most of us understand that standing at least a few feet from someone is really the best way to communicate without making anyone nervous. 

Of course, the "polite" defination of personal space varies from culture to culture.  Generally speaking cultures who have very dense populations tend to expect less space while those cultures with more space to spread out have the expection of larger personal space..

As writer this personal proxmity is something that needs to be considered.  We have all heard that you must get your hero and heroine on the page together as soon as possible and keep them in proximity to each other but what does that look like? Sure I like my large personal bubble but how does that change if I am attracted to you?  How soon would one character feel comfortable "letting" another in his or her space?  What would that look like?  How would that affect your story?


  1. No bubbles in books. Like there's no going to the bathroom.

  2. I have a personal bubble, Stephanie. I don't like to hug alot - makes me seem distant but I'm just no that comfortable unless I know you really well. As for in a book, I have to agree with Jean unless you have a heroine who has an issue with closeness. I could see it for a specific purpose.

    As an aside, I have met a lot of different nationalities and true they don't respect the "American Distance." I have been known to back up and keep backing when they get in my face - makes me very uncomfortable. I know in their country it is considered impolite to do that but here, well here I intend to keep on backing.