Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm SOOOOO Tired!

I am so tired. Tired to the bone of dealing with things (aren’t we all?). Sometimes I wish I could be a bright, cheerful person but it’s just not in my DNA. And other people will not allow me that luxury. Sometimes I wish I could look for the best in people and things, but alas, I am not an optimist. And, usually people or things do not disappoint me because they meet my pessimistic view by acting or being as I thought they would be. Geez, it’s hard being right all the time…

The reason I am in such a mood is because I am doing renovations on the house. That started this. I am so tired of sitting and waiting on workmen who have to eat breakfast at nine in the morning before they start their workday (thereby delaying mine). I am tired of my house being in a total mess. I am tired of trying to clean when it’s pointless. I am tired of hearing “Uh oh” and hurrying to see what else they have broken.

This tiredness has set me to thinking of other things of which I am tired. Here is a pseudo-Jean list of things that I am tired of dealing with:

People who won’t take responsibility for their actions and blame others.

New cell phones (that says it all – I hate learning electronic things).

Waiting in line at Wal-Mart when there are only two lines open but they have all those registers.

Standing in crowds shielding my face from other TALLER people’s elbows (those sharp pointed things hurt when they hit you in the eye).

Trying to explain something to a man (that too is self-explanatory).

Dodging people on the sidewalk who are talking on their cell phones and not watching where they are going.

Standing in line at the grocery store and the old lady behind you is bumping you with her cart (I really get the urge sometimes to shove back).

Standing next to someone who coughs and then explains he/she has been sick all weekend (thanks, now I am going to be sick ALL week).

Buying something new and it doesn’t work right out of the box (necessitating taking the dang thing back and doing this all over again).

Family who thinks you are at their constant beck and call (okay, so sometimes I can get them back).

Having idiots pull out in front of you in their cars when you are ten feet away (sometimes I want to hit the accelerator).

Politically correct people (self-explanatory).

People who only listen to their own opinions.

People who take delight in irritating me (I am easily irritated).

People with no manners.

People who think they are entitled (only God knows where they got that idea).

I could probably go on but I want to hear what you are tired of. Add to my list and tell me what’s been irritating you lately.


  1. Cheryl, you touched on one of the things that I don't like when you talked about the lady with the shopping cart...I don't like people behind me or to close to me. One of the first things I teach my new class each year is the concept of a "personal bubble." Apparently I need a larger bubble than some people do but it is really cute to see my little 3rd graders saying, "You are in my bubble" to each other. :-)

  2. I have a large personal bubble too, Stephanie. I don't like for people to step into my space. I bet it is cute with the third graders but you are teaching them an important lesson. I also think this goes into boundaries that people need to observe.

  3. Tired of people not doing what they say they are going to. But I've been tired of it all my life. I guess people are tired of things I do and don't do too.

  4. That is what I am so tired of Jean. People tell me they are going to do something and then they don't, so I am left to deal with it. I never promise something I won't follow through on and it I guess I expect others to do the same. Not so. Guess we just have to live with it. Sigh...

  5. I think anyone having work done on their house gets tired of it. Hang on, Cheryl! It'll be over soon...you hope. :)

  6. Hey Ella, I sincerely wish I had never started this. I really hope it will end soon! Thanks for dropping by!