Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Weekend In Pictures

Well, it's really only part of my weekend in pictures. I got distracted on Sunday and forgot to take any pictures so, it's really only my Friday night and Saturday in pictures. I took all of these pictures myself. You will note that I do not have a future in photography.

Friday night I went to the high school game to watch Precious Angel play. That's him. Number 54. ( I love him.) Only he isn't so much playing at this particular moment as walking across the field for the coin toss. I do not remember who won the coin toss, but I do know who won the game--us. Spectacularly. Winning is great. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

In preparation for the dessert competition at The Guy's work picnic (called Spud Fest) I made three desserts. This is my apple pie. Note the apple shaped pan. Note the little apple shaped bits of pastry. That is cheese pastry. It won for Best Presentation.

This is my caramel cake. That's real cooked caramel. I burned myself. Caramel will do that to you, but it was worth it. It won the Best Taste category. Winning is great. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

This is my pumpkin cheesecake. Note that I tried to make an artistic picture by placing it in front of my pewter pumpkin platter. Plus, the platter happened to be on the counter. It came in second in the Taster's Choice category. You don't win second. You lose first.

This is my refrigerator and part of my freezer. You will not find that many people who love their refrigerator like I do. So I took a picture of it. Plus, I was in my kitchen taking pictures.

After all that baking and watching the Auburn/Clemson game, The Guy and I went to Starbucks. (He participated in the game watching but not the baking.) That's him. In his game day shirt. That's his coffee. That's part of my purse. Do you see my houndstooth makeup bag? I bet you envy my life right about now.

This is Spud Fest. These are the potato guns built by various engineers. These guns are pointed toward a cow pasture. The goal is to shoot the potato as far as possible, not hit a cow. Nonetheless, last year, a cow was hit. It wasn't hurt but it was mad.

These are potato guns being shot. Once that happened, we ate barbecue. There were door prizes. We did not win. Then came the dessert contest. Did I mention that I won two of four categories? There was a category for Best Use of Potato. I did not use any potatoes. Nor, did I lie and say I did, though someone there encouraged me to say my pumpkin cheesecake was made with sweet potatoes. She was kidding.

After Spud Fest. we went to Cutest Girl in the World's media room to watch Alabama play. There she is. In her houndstooth hat. I wish I had made a picture of her houndstooth valances but I was still giddy from the dessert contest.

This is Oldest Friend's shoes. I want them.

This is Mr. Cutest Girl in the World and The Guy. They are happy. They've got cup
holders and their team is slaughtering North Texas. Those things are important to a man--at least the men I know. Winning is great. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. I spent the weekend sick with the flu. Still am...

  2. Sadly, this was not a winning weekend for me. Auburn lost. The Braves lost two out of three. I did not enter any cooking contests, and would not have won if I had. You're right, Jean. Winning is a good thing. Losing sucks.

  3. Cheryl--So sorry. At least there's a doctor in the house.

    LJ--Sorry. I guess that the thing with winning and losing. IThey always take turns.

  4. Hubby was exceedingly happy -- the Bills won. I was happy the Falcons won (anybody playing against Michael Vick has my vote). I was happy for my friends that Alabama won. :)

  5. This morning, I heard that the Bills won and thought about y'all. I need to find out if Marcel got to play. I love me some Marcel.

    Thanks for the love. Now for Arkansas . . . .

  6. Loved this blog post. I read it at the allergist's office so I wasn't able to post till now. But I want the cheesecake recipe! And I love potato guns. We had a couple who would shoot one off at the land. So much fun. Course one night we accidentally had the potato shoot backwards and break their sliding glass door. Sigh. I won't say what state of mind we were in that night, but we were definitely needing cup holders!


  7. I have a similar story involving a bottle rocket and an air conditioner. But I'm not telling.

    I am not a cheesecake fan but even I will eat this. People who don't like pumpkin will eat it. It's amazing. And I take no credit. I just do what Cook's Illustrated tells me. I'll send the recipe by email.

  8. Great pictures! You are right winning is GREAT!! I was so excited that the Bills and Bama both won!

    The biggest excitement from my weekend was when I fed a pig but that is another blog on its own!

  9. Oh, how ironic - we have a dessert contest at work on Wednesday and I was thinking about calling you to solicit recipes. Instead I consulted my annotated copy of Cotton Country Cooking, but still can't decide. I'll let you know if I win :)

    And, for the record, I love your refrigerator (and freezer), too!

  10. Stephanie--A pig? Really? I don't even know what to say.

    Jessica--You are wonderful baker. I'm sure you'll do great. I would love a little consultation time with you. I could send you the apple pie recipe. I know how you love it!