Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, September 12, 2011

Do The Clothes Make the Man?

I have stood it as long as I can. I've got to talk about football uniforms. We seem to be having an anti fashion show every week these days--to the point that ESPN has to talk about it and people feel the need to blog about. Oh, wait. That would be me.

Please know that my opinion of these uniforms has nothing to do with my feelings about the team or their ability to play ball. In fact, most of these teams do not and will never affect my life at all or that of my chosen team.

These are the uniforms worn by Notre Dame and Michigan this past weekend. I have nothing to say about the Notre Dame uniform. That's a good thing. What I need out of a uniform is for it not to distract me from the game. The Notre Dame uniform fills that criteria. But that Michigan uniform--my, my my. While watching, all I could think about was Mighty Mouse.

This is the uniform worn by Maryland two weeks ago. I don't know who they played. I don't know who won. I don't know who the mascot is. I did not see the game. I don't even know if it was on my TV. But the uniform made news even outside the sports world, so I felt I should include them. It puts me in the mind of car racing.

This the the uniform worn by the Georgia Bulldogs in the Boise State game. I watched every second of the game and the only thing I noticed about the uniforms were the lack of names on the jersey. Apparently, I was alone. There was much talk of these uniforms, but they didn't distract me so I was okay with them.

I only saw the last part of the LSU-Oregon game two weeks ago, but suffice it to say I was distracted. Not by LSU's uniform. They looked the same as they always do. But believe me, that Oregon uniform looked even worse in HD on a 46 inch screen television. A million times worse. I thought they looked like little creatures from a 1970's video game thats graphic claim to fame was neon. But I've heard, if you don't like Oregon's uniform, wait a few minutes.

What do you think?


  1. I hate the trendy, glitzy uniforms because, yes, they distract my attention from the game. Oregon and Boise State both look as they have huge neon wooden clogs on their feet (yes, it's their shoes that most bother me!) They play good football, but the uniforms are

    BTW -- I made the blackeyed pea cornbread. YUM!

  2. I'm with Maven Linda - the shoes! They wore the same shoes at the BCS championship game. I thought they were atrocious then. Guess they won't be wearing them to the next SEC game. LOL

    I like my team's uniform. It's old school. Coach Dye designed them way back when. They still look good. I heard a commentator say it's kind of like in the seventies when you wore a frilly shirt with a funny colored tuxedo to your wedding - bet it isn't hung on your wall. BUT if you wore a classic tuxedo, bet that picture is hanging on the wall. Good taste doesn't go out of style. These new uniforms won't last like the classics.

  3. No surprise that I agree with you all that the shoes have gotten out of hand. When you are watching a football game and everyone in the room comments on the players' shoes there is clearly a problem!

  4. ML-Oh, yes, the shoes. It's hard to watch the real ball when when there are twenty-two neon balls of ugly moving at the speed of light.

    Glad you liked the cornbread!

    Cheryl--You are so right. While if there wasn't change, they'd still be wearing leather helmets and no face protections, classic is best. I feel the same way about my team. They didn't even have names on their jerseys until 1981. Bear said it was enough to have the team name. But I like the names on the jerseys--at the college level.

    Don't be me started on names on high school jerseys. I think if everybody in the state can't have them, no one should.

  5. Well thank you Jean for posting something I thought only bothered me! lol Oregon's shoes drove me crazy! I kept waiting for highlighter steaks to appear on the field. And being from GA my only wish is if the Bulldogs are going to look like Red Power Rangers....please play like one!

    I too make the cornbread and it is wonderful!

  6. Uhh..that would be MADE the cornbread. Duh.

  7. I have to admit that I'm a huge fan of the old-fashioned uniforms. But I can see why Universities are making these changes. It's a way to get hype going, whether good or bad. We all know in this day and age, all that matters is if you are in the news. More news worthy, more ratings, more fans, more interest. Dollars game.

    Taking that into account, I can happily say, the only thing I find distracting are Oregon's shoes. Everything else I can take. LOL! But my experience in Sports retail allows for the neon look. We have it everywhere in our store and it sells BIG in this modern day market. If the teams are going this way, it's because it's the newest trend out there and it will draw fans. Lord knows people are buying neon shoes up like crazy these days. ;)