Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Smothered in LoVe!

After last week’s Hot Water Cornbread recipe posted, I got a note from Doc M that said she loves hers with peas and greens and squash.  So I thought I’d share our family’s favorite squash recipe.  I’m sure this is what Doc M had in mind, too!  

Growing up in a southern home, one with farming heavily in our background, we were always thankful to have fresh veggies to cook for dinner.  One of my favorites was Smothered Crooked Neck Squash.  And while Norma Jean cooked it with bacon drippings and a spoonful of sugar, I have opted for a healthier version in my own kitchen.  That is, until Veezer smothers hers in Parmesan!  (She thinks cheese is an entire food group….the little Buggar!)   No matter… traditional, healthier, or buried in cheese…it’s smothered in some serious southern LoVe!  Enjoy!

Smothered Crooked Neck Squash 

8 or so Yellow Crooked Neck Squash, cubed
 (I use smaller ones because I can still hear Norma Jean inside my head saying “The smaller ones have more flavor”.)
1-2 Sweet Onions (yellow or purple), coarsely chopped
Olive Oil, about a Tablespoon or two, give or take
Salt and Pepper

Truth be told, there is no recipe in my house for this…never was to my knowledge.  So, this is how I make it.  Y’all bear with me….it’s a little of this and some more of that.  : D

Cube your squash in about 1” cubes and place in a pan with about an inch of water.  Cover and cook on high til the squash is tender.  I’m not talking al dente here.  I mean tender but not falling apart, yet.  If there’s any remaining water, drain most of it out.  Now add your onions and olive oil to the pan and turn your heat down to about medium.   You’re going to want to cook this mixture uncovered until the onions start to caramelize…well, maybe til they do…it’s up to you.  Stir it off and on while it’s cooking, too.  Once it’s pretty soft and the onions are brown, add salt and pepper to your liking.  Norma Jean always tipped her hand a bit on the black pepper, so I do too.  I’ve learned it insures my children don’t eat all of it and I get to have leftovers.  Otherwise, forget it.  You can cook a truckload and still there won’t be any leftovers.  Enjoy!


  1. I want you to come over and cook that for me and some of that oven fried okra. I don't need any meat. Just some cornbread.

    I could make us some pie.

    1. For pie, I'm yours. :D Actually, I'm yours even without the pie. Sounds like fun!

  2. Good down home southern cooking! I'm not a big fan of squash. Mom made some great squash the other night and surprised me. It was delicious. I suppose it depends on how it's cooked.

    Thanks for sharing this recipe! Family recipes are the BEST!

    1. You're right...family recipes are the BEST! I suppose it's the memories that go along with them, too. They feed the heart and the soul. <3