Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Promise of Possibilities

What do you see?  Do you see a caterpillar's demise or do you see a butterfly storing up enough energy for its triumphant debut? 

Life is full of amazing phenomenon we may never fully understand.  What we see, and how we relate to things around us, makes all the difference in how we function day to day.  What we see and how we process the world around us can extend our lifetimes.  Why?  Because people with a healthier view on life live longer, more productive lives.  And by seeing the world in a promise of possibilities, obstacles are overcome, disaster or loss can be survived, and success outweighs failure, especially when failure looks like it might be the only option.

Coccoons can be stifling, uncomfortable places.  They can also nourish mind, body and soul, popping up in places where miracles happen.  Sometimes all we have to do is overlook the crust caking our lives in order to experience the fledgling beauty within, and around, us everyday.

Coccoons offer safe harbor.  Coccoons give life.  Coccoons take life back to the earth.

Here are some coccoons I see everyday.

1. A writing cave coccoons a writer's mind, giving him/her ease to write and a place to find the muse. 

2. Music envelopes the listener, transporting him/her into another time or place, and invigorating moods. 

3. A book coccoons readers, transporting them into a world they do not want to escape until they read The End.

4. Libraries protect and share ideals, at the same time coccooning readers, researchers and writers.

5. The White House is a coccoon for our Commander in Chief, the center of political order.

6. Buses and schools are coccoons for teachers and children.

7. Museums protect historical legacies, coccooning history for future generations.

8. Ambulances and hospitals coccoon the sick and comfort the dying.

9. Grocery stores, refigerators and freezers coccoon food, keeping it fresh for our consumption.

10. And last but not least, a mother's womb coccoons an unborn child.

People retreat into coccoons everyday.  How we deal with the promise of possibilities can enrich our lives and help us understand our place in the world.

Can you name some coccoons you frequent in your life?  Do you see a caterpillar or a butterfly?

Katherine Bone
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  1. Sometimes I just retreat from people for a bit. It's not personal, but there are times when I just like to be alone with my own thoughts in my own space. I feel like I'm reserving energy for the things to come in my life. Great post!

    1. Hey Kellie! Thanks for posting!

      It is good to back away from the hustle/bustle to recharge. Introverts have to do this more than anyone else. Are you an introvert? I took a test once and I was borderline. Though I love to be around friends, I recharge where it's quiet.

      Thanks for commenting today!!!

  2. Great post, Katherine! I'll add, since we just went through this, that hospice workers cocoon the families of the dying, shielding them and comforting them as they're going through that emotional roller coaster.

    1. Hi Kristina! Thanks for adding this about hospice. We tend to forget those who tend the needy and infirmed. But, of course, it is a thankless job that should be constantly rewarded. Praise those who offer their time, talents and mercy to the dying and those who love them. Most definitely a coccoon, more like a living embrace.

      Blessings to you, especially as you deal with your recent loss. :)

  3. Great post, Katherine! It's all about perspective. And yours is the 4th (count them) message I've gotten this week on perspective. Kinda scary! :-)

    1. Perspective makes all the difference, doesn't it, Pat? Thanks for posting today!

      Oh, and about being the 4th to drive this message home. So sorry, but I hope my post has been a blessing to you today. ;)

  4. I agree with the rest. This is a great post. Here's my coccoon: my husband's arms. Whenever life becomes overwhelming, I can go to him and he holds me. I feel so loved and protected. He makes life's hardships endurable.

    1. Oh, Carol! How could I have left that #1 coccoon off my list? Thank you for adding this one today. (No one tell my Alpha that I forgot to include him, please. LOL! Goes to show what we cannot take for granted, doesn't it?)

      I really appreciate your post! Thanks!

  5. I agree...great post! <3

    I think my office is my cocoon. It's definitely where I morph and meltdown and change. Without it I could never fly. And that's probably why I'm very particular about this room. It's my favorite color, the windows lookout over trees and such, the furniture is what I love, etc. But then, when total transformation is necessary, you know where I go, right? Yep. To the cows by the river with my guit-fiddle! ♫♪♫ Moo!

    1. Oh my gosh, Lesia! You never cease to amaze me with your kind-hearted bliss. Thank you, girl!

      As for your office... yes, I can see how that has become a coccoon for you. There your imagination takes flight. You're on your own special journey there too. And I bet those cows down in Mooville love what you bring to their coccoon!!!

      To be sure you're a blessing here on the blog!!!

    2. Aww! Thanks Kathy! I love being here, too!