Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Will You Marry Me?

As romance writers, we are all constantly trying to find the most romantic way for the hero to propose to the heroine. Getting down on a bended knee is certainly not the way my alpha hero would propose. He’d have to do something spectacular. I was surfing the Web getting some ideas from other people’s proposals and there were some I just had to share with you. So, without further ado:

1. At a family Fourth of July reunions, Todd wanted to make his proposal special for his girlfriend Malissa. With the help of his friend, Eric who is a stuntman, Todd donned a flame retardant suit and allowed himself to be set on fire. Making an impressive display against the night sky, a flaming Todd raced across the yard in front of his girlfriend and jumped into a kiddie pool, extinguishing the fire. As he climbed out of the water, Todd told his shocked girlfriend that he was “hot for her” and was “on fire.” He then proposed. Remarkably, Malissa accepted. (I would kind of worry what Todd would do at the wedding…flaming groomsmen?)

2. Reed decided to propose to his girlfriend, Kaitlin, at a Wendy’s. He slipped the engagement ring into her Frosty. But that is when things went wrong. Kaitlin had invited some of her girlfriends to eat with them and one of the other girls challenged everyone to a race. Everyone downed their Frosty’s, Kaitlin included. To Reed’s horror, she had swallowed the engagement ring. He rushed her to the hospital where x-rays showed the ring was indeed in her stomach. Two days later she had her ring back and she said yes. (Okay, I don’t even need to make a comment here.)

3. Gennadie, a lovestruck tycoon, hired an entire theatre company for ten thousand pounds to star him in his own play production. He gave his girlfriend and some of her friends tickets to the play. She didn’t know that the masked leading man was her boyfriend and settled in to watch the play. At the time when the leading man was set to declare himself to the leading lady, Gennadie turned and said he could not do that because the woman he loved, Victoria, was sitting in the sixth row. He asked her to marry him right then and there. She said yes. ( I would have been hoping it was Gerard Butler under that mask…)

4. One man, who preferred to remain anonymous, planned to propose to his girlfriend by placing her twelve thousand dollar ring in a helium balloon. At the right moment, he was going to “pop” the question. Walking out of the florist shop where he had purchased the balloon and placed the ring inside, a strong gust of wind blew the balloon out of his hands. All he could do, after following the balloon for two hours, was watch the ring float away. He asked his girlfriend to marry him anyway. She still isn’t talking to him, saying she’s waiting for the ring. (My luck – but who puts a ring like that in a balloon?)

5. Robert, the ever-helpful boyfriend, wrote his girlfriend’s graduation speech. She was nervous that day but Robert assured her that she would do fine and that the speech was great. After reading most of the speech, Zoan (the girlfriend) began reading to the entire crowd “You are the best thing that happened to me. I love you and won’t waste any more words as you have already spoken a lot by now. Will you marry me?” An embarrassed Zoan stood in front of the clapping crowd and said yes. (I would have been embarrassed – reading something that someone else wrote for such an occasion and not knowing what was in the speech?)

I must admit these are strange ways to propose but everything worked out for the guys except poor Anonymous, guess he’s still waiting for the winds of fortune to change direction.

Do you have any strange or funny proposal stories to share? How did your significant other propose? Give us some ideas here under the tulip tree.


  1. First off, I'd be p***ed as h**l at a man who made asking me to marry him a public event. It's supposed to be PRIVATE! Getting down on bended knee isn't necessary or even desirable. I think standing up, arms around each other, pop the question, then go buy the ring together if the answer is "yes" is the most intimate, foolproof way to go.

  2. I agree with you, Maven Linda. It is supposed to be private. One of the proposals I read was where the guy did it on television; got him a big fat no. His girlfriend was mortified and angry. I wonder what these guys are thinking when they do something like proposing in such a public way? Does it boost their ego or does it just give them no out if they change their minds? Really perplexing but just goes to show how stupid some guys can be LOL

  3. The one that shocks me most is the grad speech. If she was chosen to give the speech, didn't she have sense enough to write it herself? Or at least read what he had written first? Oh, wait she dating someone who would do that.

    The proposals on jumbo trons at sports events always leave scratching my head.

    I admit I do enjoy seeing it in a Romantic Comedy if it's set up right. But I love a movies with Jennifer Anniston and Matthew Mcconaughey and w all know what that mean. But that's a movie. Also, I couldn't not bring myself to write a hero who would do it. I don't think.

  4. Jean, I thought the same thing. If she's giving a speech (doesn't that mean valedictorian or salutatorian or something?), why hadn't she read it over before she got on the stage? Maybe he should have been the one up on stage...

    I would never write a hero who did something like the guys I mentioned. I just thought it was funny how some guys go to such elaborate lengths. Like Maven LInda said, I would prefer privacy..

  5. Or Stupid! You hit it Kathy - makes everyone crazy!

  6. I think it's masculine nervousness that causes these odd displays and/or debacles. They're trying to do something memorable, probably hoping it'll make a good story in the retelling. Bless their hearts...they know they gets points for thoughtfulness, they're just not sure how the grading curve works. ;)

    Personally, I think the proposal ought to be as individual as the couple themselves. Like with good writing, its better to avoid the cliche'.

    ~Angela Blount

  7. I'll tell my story...but I hope not to be alone in this, ladies! :)

    My husband is a pretty simple guy. And for being a clueless 19-year-old at the time he proposed to me, he had a decent plan. He asked me to go on a walk with him, and took me to a secluded little park that happened to have a lake with a dock that faced the sunset.

    The problem was...we'd been carrying on a difficult long-distance relationship, and he'd blown me off earlier in the day when I'd asked to talk about 'the future.' Add to that the fact that he was acting fidgety and had always needed to be dragged outdoors against his will, and I went into the thing suspecting that he was about to break up with me.

    Once we arrived at the spot he'd chosen and got out of the car, we were immediately mobbed by hungry ducks. That wasn't part of his plan. In fact, the hubby has a not-entirely-irrational aversion to ducks. He promptly freaked out and started running with me in tow. That's when we noticed the ducks had been joined by a half dozen squirrels. Nature was being entirely too friendly, and we had nothing that even resembled food to distract the animals. So instead of strolling leisurely down the dock, we went bounding down it at full speed. Laughing and out of breath, we watched the ducks end their pursuit at the base of the dock.

    The squirrels, however, were more persistent. Much to my amazement, two of them came scurrying down the dock toward us. Finding this cute, I bent down and started talking to them. Hubby pulled me back and decided to volunteer that he'd just read an article in the paper about how the parks had been having trouble with squirrels contracting rabies. I started backing up about then, and he got in front of me to flail his hands and yell until the now not so cute tree-rats turned around. Hubby went chasing them all the way back off of the dock for good measure. My hero.

    So hubby comes sauntering back looking pleased with himself and gives me a hug. Then he mutters something about how he had a whole speech planned, but the damnable squirrels had made him forget whatever it was he'd wanted to say. In front of God and that audience of unsettling fauna, he dropped to one knee and pulled out the ring.

    To this day, I wonder what that 'speech' would have sounded like...but I can't say I'd change the experience for anything. ^_^

  8. LOL, RP, that is great! I needed a laugh.
    I was once proposed to in a private face book message. Needless to say that I didn't accept.

    I love to hear stories about proposals or how people meet.

  9. Hey Angela! Great story! I guess your marriage totem is the squirrel. Mine is Elvis. I met my husband in the rain at Opryland. We both worked there in the summers. I threw water on him after hours. He was a park policeman and gave me a ticket. I hated him for two months but then he asked me out. Our first date was on the day Elvis died, August 16th. He asked to marry him a year or so later. No big proposal, just a quiet one. But, with me starting law school and him teaching at UAB, we didn't have a lot of choices for the Date. Our wedding took place on August 16th, exactly three years after our first date. So I guess I get Elvis.

    And exactly how old are you? ~g~ You show such a remarkable perception for one so young! You are probably right - men do these proposals to get a good story to retell!

  10. Stephanie. A Facebook proposal? Wow, I hadn't heard of that one. You show good sense in turning it down!

  11. I think since one guy came up with the public, showy proposal, now so many men are getting into it because they're competitive and want to one-up what they see on television.

    Save me.

    Oh, wait. I've been married for almost 40 years. I don't have to be worried about this :-).

  12. Ok ladies, I have a public proposal story for you.

    My husband went with the private proposal and that is a story all its own. But, as some of you know, I was engaged at the time I met my now-husband. This is the story of my first engagement.

    I am two years older than my college sweetheart, so by the time he was a senior, I was already on my tour of the country, courtesy of the US Navy. He is an a capella singer and, very important for the purposes of this story, a hopeless romantic predisposed to grandiose displays of affection. I am not, at all, and I think my aversion to hopeless romanticism encouraged the public nature of the proposal, as he was intent to "cure me" in some way.

    Towards the end of his senior year, his a capella group was performing a benefit concert and since I had recently been transferred back to PA, I could actually attend. The first half of the concert was quite formal, with all the guys in tuxes singing standard, beautiful songs. After the break for intermission, the guys came back on stage dressed as different college sports team members. Well, I went to a small liberal arts school that didn't have a whole lot of sports variety, which meant half of the guys were in drag. My particular guy was in a field hockey uniform and skirt much shorter than the one I was sporting in the audience. For modesty, he paired it with a lovely set of cheerleading bloomers.

    They started signing and in addition to the outfit change the nature of the songs for the second half of the show changed as well. This was a very talented group of guys, but they liked to have fun and sing some, shall we say, “non- traditional” songs. I think any song with the chorus "I take a look at my enormous penis, and my troubles start floating away" (my hand to God) definitely counts as non-traditional.

    So we’re in maybe the middle of the second act when my then-boyfriend stops the show, comes down from the stage, and gets down on one knee in front of me. Yes, this is how the audience learned about the cheerleading bloomers. The actual words of the proposal were quite sentimental and sweet (they would have to be at this point, right?), but then he handed me a ring that was, I kid you not, shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head. It was a joke ring he promptly tossed to his mom, who was sitting in the row next to me, before handing me the actual ring.

    I did say yes, despite the urge to hurt him (I would like to stress I was young and in love with a broad sense of humor). He also planned it well, knowing I wouldn’t commit homicide with 500+ witnesses when I was two hours from home with his mother as my only ride back. So yes, my first very public proposal involved cross-dressing, songs about genitalia, and a Mickey Mouse ring. It’s also included in the video footage of the benefit concert, where it lives in infamy.

  13. Wow, Gretchen! I don't think anyone can top this one. What did you do to him when you got him in private? Can he still sing? LOL

  14. Maven Linda, surely (wink) guys wouldn't do that! I too am immune - 31+ years married.

  15. Gretchen! Wow! I agree, nothing can top that!

    My own proposal was a bit nontraditional, though not a showstopper. See, after dating for a whopping 2 weeks, I sat down on my honey's lap and asked him to marry me. He said yes and we celebrate 28 years of marriage this weekend. Times have been good, times have been challenging, but through it all I still can say, he's The One. And he drives me crazy! <3

  16. I think it's great Lesia! You knew what you wanted and you got it! And don't they just drive us crazy but where would we be without them?