Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, January 9, 2012

If The Phone Doesn't Ring, It's Me

I've got a new phone. See, I used to leave my phone in my purse. It was for my convenience. I refused to text and if anyone wanted to talk to me, they had to call on the landline. Sorry for your inconvenience—wait. I wasn't. But I just could not get that over to Precious Angel. He was determined to call on my cell and you all know that my rules for the rest of world have never applied to him and never will. Then I discovered that I liked texting and that became my primary means of communicating with my nieces.

So I started carrying my phone in my pocket and I washed it—in the washing machine. It sat in rice for days to no avail. This is not the first phone I have destroyed/lost. We are hell on a phone over here. The last time The Guy got a new one, he just went ahead and got the one recommended for construction workers though the closest thing he does to construction work is taking his lunch to his office in a sack.

We do not have smart phones. I refuse. Of course, I used to refuse to text, own a Kindle, and eat raw fish. Things change. But for now I refuse. I have enough stuff blinking and buzzing at me as it is. It gets on my nerves. Also, I don't want the means for someone to send me 45 pictures of something I don't want to see. Plus, I think smart phones cost too much. Yeah, yeah. I hear you laughing at me. I hear you saying, "You buy what you want! I can't believe that came out of your mouth!" Well. I don't buy all of what I want. I buy some. And I plan to use the money a smart phone would cost to buy more. This is a personal choice. I am not judging you. Well, I'm not judging you unless you go around poor mouthing and have a smart phone.

I digress. So I wanted a texting keyboard. (Yes, I was texting using a regular phone pad. I was pretty good at it too. But it was time for an upgrade.) It is my fond wish to be able to whip out that little keyboard and text with my thumbs at the speed of light like a teenager or Kathy. It probably won't happen but a girl can dream.

However, for now I can't text anyone. Or call. I can't run the thing. It has a 69 page instruction manual that looks worse because when you turn it over it has another 69 pages in Spanish. At least I think it's Spanish. They only thing I know for sure is it's not English or some Oriental symbol language. Sanskrit. Not that either. But it might as well be and I'm talking about the English. I've never been good at reading an instruction manual and getting it. I need to be shown and write down my own directions. Luckily, I have The Guy.

I did discover it has a radio, mp3 player, camera, and the means to make a video. (I got a lot for my $49.99 at Target.) Oh, I can also go on the Internet. If I want to. Which I don't. Well, I do. Just not on a screen the size of Tic Tac box.

I've got to master it before tonight. I need to be able to text with my pals who are in New Orleans for the BCS game.

How is your phone treating you?

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  1. I have a phone with the slide out keyboard and I text with my kids, though not at the speed of light. I do, however, want an iPhone. I bought myself an iPod Touch, which is an iPhone without the phone part. I love it. As long as I have access to wi-fi, I can check email -- personal, writing and work. I can check my work calendar. I can Google and figure stuff out. I could map the route from my son's house to the Biltmore house. I can play music and play solitaire and Hangman. I can make lists and have reminders. And come next November when my contract is up, I plan to buy an older iPhone since I don't have to have the latest whoop-de-do phone. I promise I won't poor mouth.


  2. You tickle the punk outta me! I'm all over this smart phone biznass. Listening to books on tape, texting like an Orangutan in a 50's science experiment, and pretending to be fumbling in my purse while I "stealth cam" the next awful Wal-Mart outfit. Can't believe the iPhone just came out in 2007. Or that's what they reported on Morning Joe this A.M. Alas, the Barrister has joined the ranks and bugs the shifting sand out of me to "charge up that phone, someone may need you!" Sheessh, maybe that's why I keep "forgetting" to charge it! I'll try to remember though so I can send you 25 pics you don't want to see, and while I'm giggling about that, forget it in the Wal-Mart bathroom plastered full of every personal and private aspect of my life in a highlighted folder labeled "Private and Confidential"!

  3. Yay!!! I can text you tonight!!! :D

    I love my iPhone but not for the texting or e-mail or twitter or Facebook accessibility aspects. I love it for the bigger screen!!!!

    You see I had a blackberry for the longest. Loved it! I could text with both thumbs! Downside of touch tone is it does cramp my style but in getting better at using the festures. Love my twitter and Facebook aps and being able to access the blog. But more importantly, being able to see things and pictures more easily.

    I'm so proud that the windows I painted at the store have been featured on the news. No one but the gals know this, but I painted these windows with my friends in mind. All for you, ladies! In honor of your boys!

  4. I'm with Kathy....love, love, LOVE my iPhone... I can see it and it works!!!  Every phone before it failed miserably.  However, if it wasn't required to have a data plan for the iPhone, I probably wouldn't have all those bells and whistles because I'm a simple creature and I love simple things.  That said, could I live without it?  Yea, but I'd likely be miserable once again.

    And because it's "The Day", and because I've recently been educated on how to count to 4 and 10 (thank you Jean!), I have to say it....Geaux Tigers!!!  I guess I still have a little Louisana in me...

  5. Hey y'all. Thanks for stopping in.

    PM--Go to the iPhone with my blessing. Eventually I will follow. I always cave. For now, my tablet will do most of that stuff.

    DRW--Funny that. You get a phone and they expect to be able to reach you. The the Barrister I said hi. I still think of him as seventeen years old with all that blond hair falling in his eyes.

    Kathy--I really want to see your windows. How long will they be up?

    Lesia--Geaux Tigers, huh? Okay. Probably Do Right Woman is saying that too. The Barrister spent a little time there, if memory serves. But I love y'all.

    I am done with the blog today until after the game or maybe tomorrow. Depending.

  6. Sorry I missed you Jean! I hate cell phones; electronic leashes. That said, well, I still use mine. I have a smart phone with all the bells and whistles. It's amazing how the damn thing trains you - jump if there's an email or text and fumble in your purse to find it if it is ringing even though you are checking out and have to pay the poor cashier (who is waiting). Don't understand how we get to addicted to them...

  7. Jean, the windows will still be up if AL wins tonight. If not, I can't say. They usually try to wash that stuff off quickly. I've got lots of pictures though and can send them to you. ;)

  8. I would love to comment about phones today but I find that I can't for the extra loud Roll Tide Roll!!! going on inside my head!

  9. Jean, I'm with you on the smart phones. Had both an iPhone and a BlackBerry, specifically so I could do e-mail from my phone. And I have to say, being able to use the BlackBerry to do e-mail after the tornadoes when the power was out was a great relief, could get in touch with people. BUT -- I could have dragged out the laptop and used the wireless card to do e-mail anyway, and on a regular-size keyboard. I'm TOO in-touch. And, yes, the phones train you to grab it after any little ding.

    So when my contract expires for the BlackBerry, I'm going your route. Just a phone with a sliding keyboard, please, for texting. That's it. BTW -- what kind did you get?

  10. Cheryl--I think we become addicted because of the "need to know".

    Stephanie--I'm with you sister!

    Linda--If I just have to do something, I have a notebook.
    My phone is T Mobile Sparq. Once you get going, it's easy to navigate. Can't fully recommend it yet, but so far, so good.