Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So Long Football Saturdays!

Big AL, Alabama's mascot.

Something great happened to me this past weekend. Every year, Auburn or Alabama has gone to the BCS Championship, I've painted the windows at my store with various spirit related logos. This past weekend, the windows were featured on every news network in my locale. What a great feeling it was to see my boss interviewed and my windows featured on t.v.! I'm still on cloud nine!

The front of the store, decorated for Alabama's trip to BCS Championship 2011.

For Dont'a Hightower, #30 Alabama

For Marquis Maze, #4 Alabama.

What you see when you step inside the store, decorated for Alabama's trip to New Orleans.

But with the arrival of the BCS Championship game comes the annual washing of the windows. :(

I'm mourning the end of College football. Soon I'll be mourning the loss of my windows. Art inspired by the talented men who form a BCS Championship team. Artwork that instigated odd reactions from customers and declarations while I was painting like: "Why are you working here? You're in the wrong profession!" "Do you hire out?" And the ever delightful cough and mantra from other team, "War Eagle" or, as in last year's Auburn trip to BCS, "Roll Tide."

With the season culminated by the AL vs LSU game, my Saturdays will not be the same. No, sir.

PRO football is winding down too. We are in the midst of playoffs, of which my beloved Tim Tebow (PRO football's Cap'n Jack Sparrow) and the Broncos will be participating next weekend against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

No matter where your loyalties lie or whether or not you're a football fan, Saturdays are important days. More so when there's a good game on the tele. Basketball is a good sport, but I don't like to watch it on t.v. I'd rather be in the court. Same thing for Hockey. The love is better spread when you're a part of the crowd. Tennis, I'll watch anywhere. Can't wait to see Roger, Novak, and Rafael. Woot!

Congratulations, Alabama! Victory over LSU, 21-0! (Boss sent me out to paint more windows today.)

Who knows? Now that football season is over, maybe I'll have more time to write on the weekends.

What will you do without football? If you aren't a football fan, what do you do with your Saturdays? Maybe I'll get some good tips.


  1. I guess I will be back to the boring world of grading papers and doing chores on Saturdays. Not this Saturday though because I am going to my RWA chapter meeting, the fabulous Heart of Dixie Chapter!

  2. Great art work Kathy! Guess I'll start getting ready for horse show season which starts next month. Lots of work to be done!

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday too, Stephanie! You'll have to find a good movie to watch while you grade papers. ;)

  4. Cheryl, I bet you have lots of fun at horse shows. Which reminds me, if you haven't seen War Horse, it's phenomenal!!!

    Now back to painting more windows! Yes, I've been given the order to place #1 BCS Champions on the windows for all to see. And on a great note: our sales were through the roof last night!!!

  5. Lovely windows, Kathy! Even though I'm an Auburn fan, I was rooting for Bama to win last night. They looked great! As for the end of football season -- baseball season is right around the corner! :-) -- LJ

  6. So true, LJ!! Lots of fun to look forward to in the Major League!! Of course, I'm really an Auburn fan. Someone asked me if it hurt to paint the windows. I said, "No.". For one, I love to paint. ;). Secondly, I know so many people who are AL fans.

    Well, painted 8 more windows today. Will post pictures when I get home.

  7. Great art work, Kathy! Congrats on your news coverage. I'm not a football fan and don't watch many sports outside of the Olympics, which will happen this year in London between late July and mid-August. I love the whole Olympic atmosphere -- the world's best competing for the gold. I'll watch anything at the Olympic level. And I especially love the summer games -- track & field, swimming, gymnastics. Aside from Olympics time, I spend my Saturdays with friends, at museums, the Botanical Gardens, the movies or just at home reading or doing necessary housecleaning or laundry.


  8. Kathy--Love the windows. You are so talented!

    As to Saturdays--I will miss it, but football season never really goes away in this state. And we all need a chance to recover. I do look forward to the Winter X games. I keep tabs on the recruiting and then I like to see how my boys make on in the draft. Then we start getting reports of how practice is going. Also, we dvr games so I can rewatch favorites. I love to rewatch. There is no stress because you know it will turn out and you can pay attention to things you missed the first time out

    Sadly, this fall I won't have a high school connection. We'll probably go to some of the games because we like football and the social aspect, but Precious Angel will have moved on.

  9. Thanks, Marilyn! I appreciate your comments. ;)

    Oh! You've reminded me of the Olympics! I completely forgot about that being this year. I especially love the Winter Olympics. I'll watch just about anything that goes on. I do love to watch gymnastics, swimming and tennis during the summer games. Great! I'm looking forward to it.

    And the Botanical Gardens are awesome. I keep forgetting to take advantage of our local museum too. I love museums!

  10. Aw, Jean! I'm blushing. Thanks! You and Stephanie were my big inspiration as you're my favorite Alabama fans. ;)

    I like rewatching games but LTC doesn't. Grrrr! He says if you already know how it ended, why watch? :(

    Aw! PA is moving on but to better and greater things. You'll just have to go to NY and see an Army game.

  11. Great windows Kathy! But then, I already knew you're a master-artist! <3 Glad to see the world has been clued into that detail!
    As for football season being over, well....hmm. It's only just begun for me, really. See, I only watch the Superbowl, kinda sorta? It's for the ads only, I haven't cared much about the game before (though I may change that now that I've aced Jean's 4 and 10!) But the thing I'll miss the most are the empty stores to shop in on football days. It's really nice getting to shop in deserted stores...the quiet, the peace, the sales. I always feel extra special, like the owners kept them open just for me! But alas, that's over for the year. So I guess I'll see y'all at Target on Saturdays! lol

  12. Hey Lesia! Thanks for your kind words about me windows! ;)

    I watch the Superbowl too. Not for commercials but for the sport. It's always better when I'm invested in the teams playing. Sure hope this year produces a better team match for my personal tastes. Of course, a Tim Tebow game would be a spectacular treat!