Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You Ever Had One of Those Days?

You ever had one of those days? I did this last weekend. Hubby and I had just gotten back from the beach, rested and stress-free until… I found a beautiful coffee table and end table that would be perfect for the beach condo (which I am currently renovating – yek). It was on Craigslist, a website I had not been on previously. Listening to the barn boys talk about all their great deals (monster trucks and such), I had to go on the site and see what the big hubbub was all about. I soon found myself lost in the world of people selling their stuff. Then, I found the coffee table and end table. They perfectly matched the bronzed wrought-iron dining room suite at the condo! Such Luck! They were located in Madison, a short drive and I would save hundreds of dollars. I was excited about those tables!

We got up Sunday morning and headed to Huntsville to purchase the tables. I had the address and the directions but we also used GPS (remember I am GPS challenged – it hates me). After wandering around Madison for what seemed like hours, we finally arrived by using the longest route possible to get to the location (GPS thinks it’s funny to send me by way of China). The tables were in the attic of a three-story house. After dragging the furniture, which had heavy glass tops, down the steps and listening politely to the lady of the house chatter about how she had the tables made, I was getting irritable. I hadn’t eaten and I was thirsty. We paid the lady and made our escape with the booty.

I wanted lunch! We stopped at a chain restaurant, thinking we could get in and get out quickly. No such luck! Our waiter, complete with those earrings that enlarge the holes (I couldn’t keep from staring - I mean why put those things in if you don’t want people to stare and wonder if it hurts?), was not very happy to be at work that day. After ten minutes of waiting for him to take our order, I had enough and went looking for him. Now is the time to feel sorry for my husband, I seem to embarrass him a lot. Too bad. I was thirsty and my head was ringing from listening to the nice lady (and she was nice, I was just hot and wanted to leave). I found him back by the bar, chatting with a waitress. Gee, sorry to bother you… He took our order and finally got me some tea. No sweetener. So I had to go scavenge some from other tables. I had my tea, nicely sweetened and was about to relax when lunch was served. Now, my husband will tell you, I will not eat any meat that isn’t cooked completely. No raw, no rare, no pink. I order my food well done because I am phobic about it. My hamburger arrived, still bleeding. Another round with Mr. Ear Extenders and I had my properly cooked burger. Yes, you can feel sorry for my husband.

We headed home but needed to stop and get some Ichthamol paste for the horses. It is an over-the-counter remedy used for drawing abscesses. It works on splinters and other things too. You slap it on and the miracle cream draws out the infection or whatever. It is safe for humans so I usually keep some around. The little girl behind the counter at the drug store argued with me that there was no such thing, even though I patiently spelled it for her three times. Finally, the pharmacist came over. Yes, they did have it and yes, he told the little girl, it did exist. Fine, I told him I needed some. Well, there was a problem, they didn’t have any in stock; he would have to order it. Nothing was going right for me. I ordered it and left, cursing stupid little girls for making me mad. Of course I had nothing to do with getting mad, it was all her fault. Now you can really feel sorry for my husband as he listened to me rant about incompetence and wasting my time.

Coming up the mountain toward home, my cell phone rang. I cringed. It was one of the barn boys. I never get a phone call from them in the middle of the day unless it is an emergency. Without answering it, I handed the phone to my husband. I just couldn’t deal with another thing that would upset me. Sure enough, one of the pasture horses had cut her leg and was bleeding profusely. I listened as hubby explained putting pressure on the leg and that calling the vet would be a good idea. We arrived home and sat waiting on the vet for what the vet called a few minutes (nearly an hour). The mare was not a happy camper and proceeded to kick anyone who came near her leg. After fighting with her, in my good clothes, we finally got the leg stitched up. She is in the big barn now, still not a happy camper.

Exhausted and only wanting a shower, I headed inside. Mason, my Dobie, had decided that the new Dean Koontz book I had just bought was not on his reading list (He must know that Koontz favors Goldens). He had chewed the book into a million pieces of paper all over the house. I had wanted to read that book that evening! Now I was reduced to picking it up in wet lumps. I gave up plopped down in my chair. My perfect day of getting that lovely furniture and having a nice lunch with my husband hadn’t turned out like I wanted. My husband patted my on the shoulder and then told me that Daisey, the mule, had jumped the fence, heading to the big barn and her friend. Back outside again to chase the silly mule. On days like this I would prefer a condo, no animals and my books intact.

Have you ever had a day that started off well but ended badly? Share some of your experiences with


  1. December 22, 2008. That's all I can say. That's probably all I need to say.


  2. Sorry PM! Must have made Christmas the pits! But, you have all your wonderful friends and support. However...if you ever need a "Verbal Bashing" partner to let him have it, I'm in!!! Just name the date!

  3. Hmmm... My days always seem to go downhill or wonky when I pick up my kids... And I'm afraid that I don't deal with little annoyances very well. A few, no big deal. But one thing after another -- I become VERY ill.

    Luckily for everyone around here, I go in my room and close the door. :0

  4. March 9, 1996. That was the day I got a phone call to tell me that my parent's house had burned to the ground with my grandparents inside. My mother had been burned trying to get them out. My parents lost everything but the clothes on their backs and one car. (Not to mention that everything from my childhood was gone.)

    March 10, 1996. The day I found out my father was also battling colon cancer.

    1996 wasn't a good vintage, to be sure. ;)

  5. I have a crick in my neck and my porch is dirty. I'm pretty satisfied though.

    One thing for sure, if anything is going wrong, it's worse when I'm hot. I hate to be hot. I didn't mind the snow one bit.

  6. Did my crick jump from me to you, Jean? No wait, I still have one. LOL!

    I love snow! The world is still when it snows. One great thing about 1996 was the Blizzard of '96. I can still see the snow layered over the Golf Course behind our house, gently rolling across the expanse. Quiet euphoria, that's what it was. ;)

  7. I understand Danielle. I need sometimes to find my own "happy place." The little annoyances add up until you want to explode. Hang in there!

    So sorry Kathy! That is so terrible! The loss must have been devastating. I complain a lot but really my problems are inconsequential. I too like the snow; the quiet that blankets everything.

    Aw Jean, sorry about the crick! I hate those! The mare stepped on my foot yesterday and cracked the bone. I swear, we all must be injured. Anyone heard from Stephanie? LOL. And my front and back porches are dirty! I really need to get to work.