Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, July 11, 2011

Upcoming Guests

I am sure  many of you are checking your calendars thinking, "Did I miss some days? I thought today was Monday, Pantster's day on the blog."  I am equally sure that everyone expected to find a witty, sassy blog that probably included a list of rules for behavior for situation that adults should already know but seem to have forgotten--or worse--choose to ignore.

Instead, you find a blog by me. Believe me, it can only go up for you from here.  In an effort to make sure you aren't too disappointed, I decided to share some exciting news with you.  Since the guest blog by The Guy went so well while we were at the RWA national conference, we have decided to have more guest blogs.  We have contacted many of our author friends, including some very excited first book authors, and we have over ten guest bloggers scheduled for the upcoming months.  Most of them are also going to share a recipe that relates to her book so that will make Recipe Fridays more fun too.

These guest spots will coincide with new book releases so that we can all get the inside scoop on the hottest books before they hit the shelves. (Well, unless your store is Books-A-Million, but that is Pantster's story to tell.)  In the next few months we are going to have visits from Kimberly Lang, Katharine Ashe, Debby Giusti, Rhonda Nelson, Debbie Kaufman, Melanie Dickerson. After Christmas, we'll hear from Kira Sinclair, Missy Tippens, and  Andrea Laurence.  Exciting times indeed!

We look forward to visiting with these authors and think you will enjoy getting to know them and chatting about their upcoming releases.

Is there an author you most anxiously await new releases from?  Has it changed over the years?


  1. Here's what happened. Diana Gabaldon was going to be a speaker at the RWA conference. The Guy (who reads everything, though he likes sci fi best) wanted an autographed hardback copy of the Outlander. Not knowing what books would be available at the literacy signing, we went o Books-A-Million and bought one. (I knew they would allow me to take in a book and I figured I'd buy another one by her to help the literacy effort.) So I get in her line and the person in front of me buys her last book.

    I said, "I am so glad I brought a book! My husband really wanted a hardback."

    She smiled, sweet and professional as pie, and said, "Wow. This is the 25th year anniversary edition. It isn't out even out yet."

    I stammered a second and said, "I guess they must have put it out early."

    Bookstores do this sometimes and they can get in big trouble for it. They should. It doesn't hurt an author's profits but it affects the best seller lists.

    "Where did you get it," she asked. Still very, nice. After all, it wasn't my fault. Much. I mean, who checks to see if a book is supposed to be out before buying it?

    I told her where I got it. She chatted a little more, signed the book, and I left, since the floor did not swallow me up.

    So if you know your favorite author has a book coming out on Tuesday and there it is on the Friday before, resist until Tuesday.

    As for the authors whose books I buy on the day they are released (and this is excepting my author friends: Susan Elizabeth Phillip, Lisa Kleypas, Charlaine Harris, Julia Quinn, Eloisa James, Pat Conroy, Anne Rivers Siddons, and Ellen Gilchrist.

  2. That happened to me too Jean (except not in front of the author). I was at a friend's bookstore and he had just set up a new display of Sherrilyn Kenyon's book "Acheron." All Dark Hunter-philes know this was the LONG awaited book in her series. I gasped and reached for the book. My friend said I couldn't buy it until the next Monday. I grabbed the book and ran out of his bookstore with him hot on my heels. He's a good friend and didn't call the police for my theft but I got a lot of messages on my answering machine from him about bringing the book back. I went back in on the Monday it could legally be purchased and paid him. He's still my friend but he watches me closely now if I am in his store.

    I do purchase all the HOD members' books as soon as they come out and I can find them. I eagerly await for their newest books because we have the best authors in the U.S!!!

  3. I'm so excited about our list of guest authors, Stephanie. Thanks for putting this together for us! ;)

    I'd love to see us do more author spots! My favorites would include HQN Mills & Boon Historical authors, Diane Gaston, Julia Justiss, Miranda Neville, Anne Lethbridge, and Deb Marlowe. Added to that list would be the wonderfully talented Sabrina Jeffries, Eloisa James, Sarah MacLean, Karen Hawkins, Vicky Dreiling, Kieran Kramer, Joanna Bourne and Kathryn Caskie.

    From our own wonderful Heart of Dixie, Deb Webb, Peggy Webb, Lynn Raye Harris, Linda Howard, Linda Winstead Jones, Lyn Stone, Carla Swafford, Patricia Preston, Kate Lyon, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Debra Glass, Paula Graves, and Trish Milburn.

  4. Jean, thanks for sharing your story. Isn't it nice that she was kind about the situation.

    Cheryl, your book seller must be a good friend. I did have to wonder why he had the books out if he couldn't sell them yet?

    Kathy, thanks for your support and kind words!

  5. He was making a display for the release of the book, announcing that it was going on sale Monday. I kind of ruined his display.