Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, July 7, 2011

New York, New York

It's Thursday, so this must be Stephanie. Except it's not. Jean here. Stephanie is having a computer issue and will be with you on Monday. Probably.

Everybody is blogging about New York. I would but I can't Not really. I haven't really been to New York. Oh, I got on a plane, landed at LaGuardia and made my way to the Marriott in Times Square. But I went to the RWA Conference and saw very little of the city. No Statue of Liberty. No Empire State Building. No museums. I only saw Times Square because that's where I was living.

Apart from walking around some and eating, I went to workshops, meet and greets, and Stephanie and I pitched our manuscripts.

Still, I learned a few things about New York.

  • Diet Mountain Dew is hard to come by.
  • We couldn't find any Jets or Bills hats because it's not football season.
  • If they can dress something up as the Statue of Liberty, they will—M&M man, Sponge Bob, Mickey Mouse. Well, maybe not Mickey Mouse.
  • Hot tea? Yes. Coffee? Absolutely. Iced tea? Not so much.
  • The pizza really is better.
  • McDonald's doesn't have biscuits.
  • It's not as easy to find Indian food as you might expect.
  • Everybody seemed to have a good idea where they were going, except us.
  • I am very glad I can't get black and white cookies where I live.

Have you ever been somewhere and felt like you haven't been there?


  1. One time I went to a school at the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. It lasted two weeks and all I saw of Washington was the subway and my hotel room. We had no time to do any sightseeing. Being young, it was a big disappointment to me.

    I told you that New York was inconvenient. You have to be a special sort to live there and have a LOT of money.

  2. Thanks to Jean for sharing this blog with us today! I really appreciate it.

    Last year when the RWA conference was is Orlando and there was all that Disney business I definitely didn't feel as if I had been to the most usual parts of Orlando. I saw the lovely conference hotel, shops outside the hotel and the ESPN bar.

  3. typing one handed. forgive the lack of capital letters. i never feel like i see any of whatever city conference is in. airport, hotel, airport. ny is a little better because there were so many close places to walk. -- lj

  4. Thanks for helping Stephanie out, Jean!

    Whenever it's conference time, I know not to expect to see much of the city we're in. That's just the way it's going to be. I'm there to network and learn. ;)

    We did get to walk all along 5th Avenue and we went to China Town. Of course, we were right on Times Square! Who could have asked for a better location?

    All in all, I've come away with great ideas for the next year. The only regret I have, not seeing Phantom of the Opera. ~sigh~

  5. Cheryl--That happened to me at library conventions too. We missed you in NY!

    Stephanie--It was to hot to see Mickey. Didn't miss him a bit.

    LJ--That's the way of it for me too. I love conference and don't really want leave to see the sights.

    Kathy--We should have seen a show/ Nest time.

  6. Boy, am I tired. "to hot"? "/Nest time"? What do I think we are? Birds?