Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Change = A Good Thing

Life takes on new meaning when the life you've known changes. Who likes change? Most of us don't. But then there are times when change brings adventure and adventure breeds amazement.

Growing up in the Army I was bred for change. Though I did not like it when change came my way, I stepped up to the plate and swung my bat, eagerly getting my foot in the door, meeting new people from different lands, and building a life for myself somewhere I'd never been before.

As an Officer's wife, I had to initiate change, become the facilitator of change. My job was to make sure that change did not overwhelm those around me, especially my family when LTC was away on tour of duty. Change helped me adapt, and as I adapted, I blossomed and grew stronger.

Parents struggle with change on a day to day basis. Children grow up too fast and learn things a mother would never want them to know. But that is the world we live in today and each generation must change with the times. (Not wanting to conform, I can often be heard rebelling from the mizzenmast. Pirate!)

Recently my cell phone died. This not only perplexed but angered me. I lost all the pictures of my family and friends, as well as pictures of places I'd been. I lost most of my contacts too. I might as well have been marooned on a island with one shot. Though it seemed like the end of the world (Cheryl blogged about that yesterday) I quickly came to realize how much I needed modern technology and a roof over my head. Let's face it, an old timey cell phone just doesn't appease my newly developed twitter and facebook habit. Instead of being able to peruse e-mail at my fingertips, I was forced to sit in front of my computer.

Life appeared lost for half a day. Then as change gave way to acceptance and acceptance to tolerance, I realized that I was not defined by modern technology, that I could exist without instant gratification. When asked if I wanted to expedite my replacement phone, I spoke bravely, "No, I can live without it until the new one arrives."

How quickly words come back to haunt us! Jean says I developed 'buyer's regret' and I agree. Before I'd hung up the phone, I doubted I'd made the right decision to forego paying extra money to get my phone in the mail earlier. I lamented throughout the weekend that I'd made the wrong decision. Why did it matter so much? What was a day or two or three?

Well... after I'd resigned myself to accept the delivery on July 18th, I was surprised to see the phone arrived in the mail much sooner than expected. And, oh! what a fine replacement it is!

Though the same model, the software is updated. You see, change can be good. Change can open your world to even greater possibilities.

Change = A good thing! No more worries about being stranded in a calm sea without a rudder.

What changes are you making in your life? What changes have found you when you least expected them?


  1. I'm learning to live alone and to buy tires and windshield wiper blades all by myself. And I did a mighty fine job of it too.

    Regarding your phone contacts, see if your provider has some sort of back-up assitant. I use Verizon and they have a free app of sorts (I don't use a smart phone) that automatically backs up my contact list I guess on Verizon's server. When I bought a new phone a while back, all they had to do was use that app and voila! All my contacts were there. It's a free thing and quite handy.

    Have fun with your new phone!


  2. I'm glad to hear your phone arrived! Now we can get back to texting. Texting is a change I have come to embrace with wild abandon. Who knew? I used to think it was all nonsense until my handy dandy Droid Incredible showed me the way to alternate fun times. Now, if I could just embrace FB and Twitter with the same abandon...

  3. At work I am making the change from teaching 4th grade to teaching 3rd grade. I am looking forward to it!

    Kathy, good luck with the new phone!

  4. Thanks for the tips on backing up my phone, Marilyn. I'll have to give that a try. ;)

    Crystal, I'm having the best time with my new phone and all my new apps! And, wonder of wonders, I've got FB and Twitter on it too. Can you believe I figured out how to do that? Well, new software helps. LOL!

    Stephanie! I love that you're teaching out of your box and doing fantastic things for kids this summer. Thanks for all you do to help children achieve their best!

    The phone is working out well so far. I can't help but look at it and wonder whether it's going to go on lock down like the other one. This is an adventure, to be sure.

  5. I don't like change so I try to avoid it. LOL Seriously, I want to change how I deal with people. And I hate it when cell phones mess up! Technology, when it works, is awesome but when it doesn't, well all I can think of doing is running over the offending device with my car.

  6. Change is hard for many reasons, Cheryl. I can understand why you'd try to avoid it. I think that is quite natural for all of us.

    For instance, I'd order the same meal every time we out to eat to the chagrin of my DH. But I honestly wasn't afraid to try something new, I really wanted Chicken Fried Steak. LOL!

  7. Change? For Pete's sake, I'm southern. I hate it. Almost as much as I hate it when people won't look me in the eye when they're talking to me because their reading email and tweets on a cell phone.

    Funny that, I'm going over the Elves one last time. And there is some change. They hate it too. Ambree just said to me this afternoon, "Will you NEVER let us rest in peace?" I told her to shut up. If she wants anyone to read about her who doesn't love us, she'd better want to be the best she can be.

    But I feel for her.