Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Friday, April 15, 2011


Cheryl is reading The Hollow Hills by Mary Stewart
Stephanie is reading The Bride by Julie Garwood
Kathy is reading Earl of Darkness by Alix Rickloff

Jean is reading Vampires in the City by Kerrelyn Sparks--

Which I have something to say about, which I can because I am posting this. Kerrelyn Sparks is going to be the guest speaker at the Heart of Dixie Readers' luncheon on April 30. (For more info, ask Kathy in comments. She is the fabulous chair of this fabulous event. She will be happy to tell you.) Anyway--I really only intended to read one of the books this series. You know when you are going to hear an author speak you want to read a book. Well. It's like crack, but in a good way. I got up at midnight last night to read some more. I had book club tonight. I went and drank the wine and ate the cheese but I had not read the assigned books. "Sorry, girls," I said. "No wisdom from me tonight about the assignment. I've got these vampires I'm worried about. I couldn't read the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo."


  1. I'm reading all things PRESENTS and MODERN HEAT. Loving the stories and the authors who write them. Such a nice break from the day to day pressures.


  2. Oh yeah, great books! Have fun, Christine! ;)