Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kathy's Movie Picks

Jean and Cheryl have been making lists this week, most notably producing a list of movie rules and top southern behaviors. As I pondered these topics, I realized I might fall a bit short of receiving a true southern nod, but I do follow Jean's rules and I know a great deal about movies and the entertainment industry.

I'm enamored with People and Entertainment magazines, which offer an insider peak at the entertainment world as a whole, revealing news and upcoming events. (Hint: I also like to cut out celebrity photos so I can use them on my storyboard. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ;)

It is true people have individual tastes. Some likes and dislikes of the moving-picture industry can run the gambit from romantic comedies to romantic suspense. When I hear romance authors talk about how they cannot stand to watch romantic comedies, I shiver. Yes, some plots are slow or blatantly obvious to a fifth grader, but unlike some movie goers, I go to movies to be entertained. Every movie is the product of a director, screen writer and the actors who play the leads. I take a lot of plots with a grain of salt as long as the plot doesn't sink into stupidity. (Though I'm quite partial to silly. Shout out, Will Farrell!)

Movies are meant to be enjoyed. Yes, the cost of movies has skyrocketed, but theatres are there for those who are willing to shell out for entertainment. Ergo: this is why Jean listed rules for theatre behavior. No one wants to pay to hear someone else's child cry or get blinded by the blue light radiating from a phantom phone in the audience.

My pet peeve is going to a movie that has been promoted as a comedy only to find it is a drama. Don't solicit my attention by promising me a good laugh and then punch me in the gut. Grrrr! That I hate and will never forgive, Pembridge Scholars!

Kathy's list of must sees

Romantic comedy: You know movies like Sweet Home Alabama, Made of Honor, Cry Baby, Crocodile Dundee, Working Girl or my all-time favorite, The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara. These movies combine quirky characters who have just sworn off their last date but participate, against plan, in the cute meet. Both characters immediately loathe each other, but as the movie progresses and pasts come to light, the characters begin to sympathize with one another and bond. This bond is tested on all sides but eventually true love wins. Goody! (Happy hands!)

Romantic drama: Plenty of angst and sorrow accompany these movies. Usually a loved one is lost, sometimes even a pet (Ooh! Don't kill off a dog or horse! That really gets my goat. Can I get a Marley and Me, which was promoted as a romantic comedy? Huh? ...I digress). In romantic drama, the primary characters are using each other to further their goals but fall madly in love when forced into situations which glorify their likable traits. Perhaps the heroine is saved by the hero or vice versa. Either way, movies like Someone to Watch Over Me, The Notebook (though this is typically not 'romance' as the author mercilessly repeats), Love Story, Legends Of The Fall, and Under The Tuscan Sun fit this bill. Yay! (Warm and fuzzy all over.)

Romantic adventure: Here I delve into the movie genre with a keen appreciation, a trusted compass and my eye on the horizon. I have special love for Pirates of the Caribbean's I-III, but the movie to outlast them all would have to be Romancing The Stone and its sequel, Jewel Of The Nile. No romance writer would neglect to add these to their must see lists. Many more fit this genre, to include: Medicine Man, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Dances With Wolves, Pathfinder, Twilight, and The Last Mohican (the soundtrack rocks!). ("I will find you!")

Romantic suspense: I'd be remiss if I didn't include Casablanca here. Rebecca, The Tourist, Play Misty For Me, The Bourne Identity (1st movie), Cliffhanger, Reds, Disturbia, Eagle Eye, and Mr. & Mrs. Smith all fit this bill. These movies vary in structure, characterization and length. Characters are secretive as long as they can be, until the final scene reveals one cataclysmic plot thread that seals their fates. Happy endings need apply.

You see? On a personal note, I'm not that picky. Just give me a happily ever after, that's all I ask. Is it too much? Isn't it worth me going to the theatre to abide by Jean's rules or paying money to buy the DVD and then switch that out for BlueRay?

Seriously, I love movies! Give me a comic book character with a love interest and I'm as content as a Cheshire cat. By the way, didn't anyone else notice Alice and the Mad Hater had a budding romance in the new Alice And Wonderland movie with my favorite actor of all time, Johnny Depp? What will they think of next? The Lion King? Wait. He found love with that lioness and they had children of their own. All the Disney Princesses found love, even the Frog Prince managed to snag a bride. Hmmmm... There's definitely a pattern here and I believe it states love changes lives, builds futures and justifies existence.

So what is your favorite movie romance genre and what movies ignite your heart with laughter and passion?


  1. Okay, I agree with "The Quiet Man." I never fail to watch it if I find it on TCM. I also loved "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "Places in the Heart." "Practical Magic" and "Sweet Home Alabama" are the rest of my romantic favs.

    Now, for the shocker - I Love action/horror movies. "Alien," "Predator" (all Predator movies!), "Dreamcatcher" and "The Stand." I don't like comedies because I mostly don't think the new ones are funny (exception - "The Devil Wears Prada").

    And, no offense Kathy, I cannot stand Will Farrell - he drives me crazy. :) Guess I am a sour person...

  2. I'm the same way about The Quiet Man too. I forgot about Places In The Heart, Cheryl. Sally Field was great in that movie. ;)

    I love horror movies. But eck! Dreamcatcher was weird. The Stand is prime horror at its best and Salem's Lot and Carrie rank up there too.

    For romantic adventure I forgot to include one of my absolute favorites, The Mummy franchise. LOVE it!

    Will Farrell is an acquired taste. I just happen to like his dopey sarcasm. Hubby won't watch his movies. But I fell in love with him on SNL. ;)

  3. I like all kinds of movies but I am particular. There are some in the iffy range that I will not spend the time and money to see in the theater but will rent with they come out on DVD. I also love old movies.

    I totally agree about being misled about trailers. I try to read a review if I'm not sure.

    There are a couple of actor/ancestresses that I dislike so much I will not watch. There is this one trashy woman that I would not watch if she was playing Mary Harmon to Colin Firth's Bear Bryant.

    If I cut off my nose to spite my face, so be it. I've got plenty of other body parts left.

  4. I guess I am picky too. I don't go the movies all that often and when I do it is usally full of things that go boom. I am a huge fan of action movies.I guess romantic suspense would be my favorite of the genres of romance movies but as a general rule I prefer romance books and blow 'em up movies.

    Jean-Isn't Colin Firth a little short to play the Bear?

  5. Stephanie--At 6'1.5" Colin Firth is absolutely too short too play the Bear. I don't know of anyone tall enough.

  6. Jean, there are certain actors I choose not to watch too. But Colin Firth as Bear Bryant? I can see where you'd make the connection because of Firth's endearing performances. ;)

    Please don't cut off any body parts! You've already talked about sacrificing an ear and now this? We love you just the way you are, Jean.

    Stephanie, I love action movies! I was just trying to pick romance films for my list. But I really do love action movies. I'm all about action and adventure. The Tourist has everything in it. But of course it is probably not for you. I'll leave the debate for later. LOL!

    Now Jean and Stephanie, you both know you'd never agree on who could play the bear. In my opinion, even a bear wouldn't be tough enough to play this coach. ;)

  7. Endearing???? The Bear was not endearing!

  8. I think you meant to type Inspiring! :-)

  9. Hi Kathy: I am a sucker for romantic comedies. I LOVE Sweet Home Alabama. An all time favorite for me. I think a great romantic adventure movie is ROMANCING THE STONE. Love it. And I loved WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING and THE PROPOSAL with Sandra Bullock. A favorite actress.

    I go to movies to be entertained and to escape the real world. I write romances that I hope will one day transport my readers to a new world and out of their laundry rooms :-)

    Lovely post!


  10. Stephanie, I do mean endearing. The Bear endeared himself to his fans (inspired affection). Just like Colin Firth endeared himself to me as Mr. Darcy. ;)

    Thanks for stopping by, Christine! I forgot to mention While You Were Sleeping and The Proposal. I LOVE Those movies and have to watch them every time. Sandra Bullock is the best at romantic comedy, which reminds me of one of my other favorites, Miss Congeniality.

    I agree that movies are a fantastical escape and are meant to entertain. That's why I watch them. I'm moving along with the characters and not critiquing their journey.

    My mom is going to Italy for 10 days in May. I told her she'll have to yell, "Are you not entertained?" when she stands in the Coliseum. :D

  11. My all-time favorite romantic epic is Titanic. Great music, acting, costume design, etc.

  12. Patricia, Titanic rocks (notice I didn't say sinks. LOL!). One of the all-time greats! I'm a sucker for a movie with fantastic costumes. Draws me in every time. ;)

    Thanks for posting! :)

  13. Oh, I forgot about Miss Congeniality and TITANIC! Wow, great movies.