Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Devil's Heart and 10,000 Other Body Parts

So last night as I lay alone in my single-girl-bed, I read a great description of the struggle we often face when our heads and hearts say one thing while our carnal bodies insist on another.

The book?  The newest release by our friend, the fabulous Lynn Raye Harris, The Devil's Heart.  The story is a reunion story and the spunky heroine struggles with her attraction to the tall, dark and dangerous hero when she thinks, "Her head knew that Marcos was bad news.  Her heart knew it too.  Her body, however, stubbornly wanted to straddle his and fulfill all of the fantasies she'd ever had about him."

Wow! Those few words summed up the entire struggle that we often face. Well, okay, the struggle that I have.  Y'all are probably much smarter than I am and don't have to learn the same messy lesson over and over. Pantster and I are working on some revisions,. especially on increasing our conflict as well as sexual tension.  I have a new appreciation for tight writing that clearly communicates. What a great job these few words do to accomplish both of these tasks!  We can clearly see how the heroine is having a major internal struggle.Since it is over physical attraction and her own mental fantasies, the sexual tension just sky rockets!

I will be giving away an autographed copy of                                      
The Devil's Heart  at 9 p.m. to one lucky commenter!

I would love to hear about books that you have written or read that
increase conflict or sexual tension in a way that sucked you in deeper and deeper.


  1. Lynn has give us another winner. I loved the imagery. I didn't really like the snake scales sliding on the floor or it sleeping curled up beside him, but I could certainly see and feel it.

  2. Drat! I haven't been able to get it yet! I am going to Huntsville and get it as soon as possible. Lynn's book sounds terrific!

    Sexual tension is one of the hardest things to write without overdoing it. I struggle sometimes to keep the writing tight.

  3. I meant to mention in my comment--

    Lynn is in California at the Romantic Times conference. She can't post today but wanted us to tell everyone hello for her.

    Cheryl, you poor book store-less baby. Maybe you'll win today!

  4. Yay, Lynn! I hope she's having a great time at RT!

    Lynn has written a fabulous book that jumps right off the page and into the heart. What I love about The Devil's Heart is that I FELT every mood, nuance, and emotion the characters lived. Francesca and Marcos were alive in every page, something all writers hope to achieve with their characters.

    LOVED this book! Run don't walk to buy it! Or take a chance and win it here. ;)

  5. Y'all are so sweet! I managed to sneak a little bit of wifi so I could say hi today. We are having a fabulous time here! Thank you so much for the kind words about my book! :)

  6. Jean-You are so right that snake was scary!
    I hate snakes!

    Cheryl-You will love the book. You are so right about sexual tension being tough to get right!

    Kathy-Good point about how the moods and emotions of the characters were so vivid.

  7. Hey Cheryl,
    today is your lucky day! You do win the book.

    I am also giving a copy to Melanie who responded on Facebook. :-)

    Lynn, Glad you made it by for a minute!

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