Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here Comes Peter Cottontale

Easter is just around the corner.  It brings back many  many childhood memories for me.  My daddy's family was big, big, big into the Easter celebration. While it was no Decoration Day, Easter certainly was a huge deal for our family. 
I usually got a new dress,underpinnings, and shoes.  And of course, we always got a new Easter basket and tons of candy.  My sister and I would dye Easter eggs at home or with my Granny.  She was the best at dyeing eggs because she was patient.  Of course, she had to be since she raised eight children including my mother. 

Some of my very best memories with my cousins were Easter egg hunts (The others mostly involve Shiloh but that is a blog for another day!).   We always had a ton of eggs that my daddy and Uncle Shorty hid.  I can still remember the excitement of being sequestered in the living room with all the curtains pulled closed so that we couldn't sneak a peek. My Aunt Linda Gail had the dubious honor of wrangling us all into the room and keeping us there.  My paw-paw always hid the prize eggs.  These were the only plastic eggs that were allowed.   There was a $20.00 egg, a $10.00 egg and a $5.00 one.
I think he always told my cousin Greg where the big bucks were since Greg was his favorite and  most years  Greg found a money egg.  We had the rule that you could only find one prize egg so if someone spotted a second one they would always get a favorite cousin to share the wealth with.  Oddly enough, I don't think anyone ever thought to share with a sibling!  There was also some sort of prize for the person who found the most eggs but it was usually some little treat like more chocolate bunnies so the competition was all for the prize eggs.  By now most of you know that I am a little bit competitive.  I believe that I got this gene from my father's side of the genetic pool because several of my cousins and I would do just about anything to beat out the others to find the money eggs.  One year my cousin Chris managed to find all three of the eggs and would only share with the boy cousins.  Let me tell you it was a LONG time before he got to eat anything from my Easy-Bake oven again!  Another year the youngest grandchild found the big money and it about killed some of us. We still believe there was no way she stumbled onto that big money, what with our years of experience.   I am SURE my paw-paw set that up too!

What are some of your Easter memories?


  1. I love your Easter memories!

    When I was young, we'd go to my grandparents for Easter, where'd we get a basket and I'd eat the chocolate before we went to church (always made for a long day). Sometimes we'd get new dresses my mother made. Sometimes not.

    One year, my mother taught us to make Ukranian easter eggs, its a method of dying that is layered, involves wax, and a candle to burn off the wax when you are done. They are beautiful, but I am impatient so I've only done it a few times. We learned that year to always try to drain the egg first...no hard boiled or raw. Lets just say one broke a few months later and it wasn't pretty.

    Stephanie, I think it is so cool that your whole family had an Easter egg hunt. Ours probably would ended up in a brawl (We aren't very gracious when it comes to competition).

    I hope your Easter is a lovely one!

  2. I remember hiding eggs with my sister. She usually cheated and peeked to see where I hid them. Until, one Easter, I hid an egg in her favorite teddy bear's nightgown. I forgot about it and she never found it until a few weeks later...the smell. I will never forget that Easter!

  3. My mother and I would always go shopping for a new purse or dress for Easter. On Easter Sunday we'd dress in our finery, attend sunrise service, then go out to eat breakfast. We colored eggs - sometimes dye, sometimes paint; we tried a little bit of everything. I saw an article about Ukranian eggs, Mary, and I've always wanted to try that!