Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There’s Always a First Time for Everything!

In my very first blog, I brought up the phenomena of firsts, ‘a baby’s first word, a toddler’s first step, the first day of school, first date, first job, first car, first kiss, and saying, “I do”.’ Firsts are unforgettable. Firsts are the ‘fire’ in firecracker, the ‘hee’ in heehaw. They keep us going when we’re down and move us ever forward no matter what befalls us, sustaining us through difficult or joyous times.

Previously, I mentioned that I’d finaled for the first time in a writing contest, the Romance Through The Ages contest, sponsored by the Hearts Through History Chapter. The winners were to be announced at the RWA National Conference in Orlando, at a cocktail party co-chaired by the Celtic Hearts Chapter. The event happened as planned and I was honored to be accompanied by good friends from the Heart of Dixie who helped me feel special that night. (Jean, Stephanie, Sherry and Lesia, you deserve my warmest thanks! I’ll never forget you were there for me. And dearest Cheryl, your positive and encouraging e-mails touched my heart. Thank you for your support!)

I’d like to tell the readers of this blog that the RTTA contest is well run and the coordinators and judges should be commended for doing such a fabulous job. Second, I placed 3rd! Another first! First positive contest experience, first final and now first top three placement!

That night, I had the opportunity to meet the final judge of the Georgian/Regency/Victorian category, Barbara Poelle. Young and energetic, she would certainly be a great agent for any aspiring writer or published author. Though she may never see this blog post, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ms. Poelle for her encouraging comments.

Pitching appointments are what many of us fear and look forward to at the same time at national conference. While I was unable to get appointments when they first came open this year, some new ones appeared and Jean called me right away. Thanks to Jean, I’m now able to celebrate another first, a conference full request!

Kismet: fate, fortune. ‘Good things happen to those who wait.’ ‘The universe is unfolding as it should.’ Perhaps holding onto my fortune cookie fortunes has been a good thing.

Do you believe in fate? Do you hang onto fortune cookie fortunes? What kind of firsts are you hoping for next?



  1. I truly believe in Fate. I have been the recipient of chance encounters that worked out wonderfully for me over the years. A chance skimming of a magazine brought me to HOD and that was definitely fate - it allowed me to meet all you exceptional people!

    As for the firsts - winning at the award and getting a full request - well, I don't think that was Fate. I truly believe it was just recognition of a very talented writer and a lot of hard work. You deserve everything you received! As for Jean telling you about the openings, that's just because she's a very smart person who knows how to keep up with things and get things done. She is my hero as are you and Stephanie for being so very gifted and intelligent

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Cheryl. :D I hope you are feeling better today.

    I'm really glad fate led you to HOD! That chance look at a magazine allowed us to meet an exceptionally wonderful lady, you! ;)

  3. Kathy, I'm so proud of your conference requests! You have been working very hard on your story and it has been my pleasure to watch it grow into a fabulous tale. I'm so, so happy for you!

    And, yes, I believe in Fate and keeping the fortunes from your fortune cookies. I currently have one sitting on my desk from my last trip to P. F. Chang. It says, "Don't be afraid to take that big step." That means several things to me, and I intend to act.

    Have a wonderful day, ladies!

  4. Fate? Not so sure. Luck. Absolutely.

    I don't believe either is nearly as important as hard work. I have a good friend who says, "The more you practice, the luckier you get."

    I also steadfastly believe God will help us if we help ourselves.

    Kathy, I am so proud of you. I believe some day those of us who were there with you for your first will have a "No s***, there we were" story.

  5. Jean, I second what you said about believing God will help us if we help ourselves. And it doesn't hurt if the planets are in alignment...

  6. Aw, shucks! Thanks for your kind words, Jean and Crystal. That means a lot to me since you've both read my book. :D

    You're right. God gives us free will to use the talents he's given us. Improving upon that talent takes hard work. But getting some good fortunes in my fortune cookies has uplifted my spirits and directed my will too. I've been carrying some good ones around in my wallet since Feb., just in case. When we think positive, believe that something can be done, we make it happen. Which leads me back to, it's Kismet.

  7. Well, we were at the best place in the world to "wish upon a star" . . . .

  8. Kathy, I'm so happy for you! All your dedication and hard work is paying off and you deserve that place in the spotlight! And Yay! I got to be there with you for the celebration!
    I would also like to take this time to express my deepest appreciation to you, Jean and Stephanie for taking me under your wings and making my first conference pain free. And yes, that includes my feet! :-D You girls ROCK!!

  9. Sherry, So glad it was pain free. I wasn't sure if you would ever want to room with the three of us again after we kept everyone up so late. You enriched my conference.

  10. Ahoy, mateys! Back home again. Yay!

    Jean, Lesia can belt out 'wish upon a star' with a smooth, talented voice. I'm glad I got to hear her sing it in Orlando. That was cool! I'm going to continue to wish upon a star. I hope you do too.

    Rookie no more! Sherry, it was great fun having you for a roomie. So glad you were jellin' your way through conference too. Now that you've got one year under your belt, what kind of goals do you have for your next conference. You see, you always have to be thinking about next year. ;)

  11. How come I didn't hear Lesia sing?

  12. She sang to me only. LOL! She was trying to calm me down on Thursday night and then she sang again at the HQN PJ party. She has a beautiful voice!