Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, August 12, 2010

2010 RWA National Conference

As I was thinking about writing today's blog I was torn between two subjects that are really on my mind right now-Conference and football. It has been tough to get into the swing of things at school because I want to stay at home and either read about football or work on the requests we got at conference. Neither of these trains of thought are really very conducive to teaching 4th graders reading. In the end, I chose to talk about last month's RWA national conference since there is really still a little more time until football season starts, even in Alabama.

As some of the other gals have mentioned, conference this year was GREAT! I personally had a wonderful conference. I got to attend the Leadership Conference on Wednesday for my local chapter; then, on Thursday I got the chance to present the newly declared candidates for the upcoming elections at the Annual General Meeting. I also had the opportunity to meet lots and lots of people. I gave out over 200 cards and got many back in return. Meeting new people is one of my very favorite things. I know that many writers are more introverted than I am but I absolutely love getting to talk with all the different people I cross paths with.
Of course. this year one of the highest of highlights was meeting the another writing team, Staci and Sara! It was wonderful to talk with another pair about their process and how the partnership works for them.

I was reminded of again and again through out the conference, how absolutely great my local RWA chapter,Heart of Dixie, is. The chapter members all pulled together and helped each other in hundreds of different ways. I know we have mentioned before how great we think our RWA chapter is, but seeing how everyone worked hard make the conference good for our first timers truly warmed my heart. I feel very fortunate and blessed to be part of such a fabulous sisterhood--and the shoes aren't bad either!

What has been the best support, help or advice that you have received?


  1. Cheryl (Everyone else pardon me.)

    Did you get the email yesterday with directions? I have discovered some people are not getting my emails. (I sent it at a bit after noon.)


  2. Yes, thank you Jean.

    Stephanie- I too want to read about football - got my season tickets yesterday and am excited about the games.

    What I learned the most from HOD and its members is that any question you have will be gladly answered. No one wants to hoard all the knowledge; everyone will tell you something you need to know if only you will ask. It took me a while to work up the courage to show my ignorance but when I finally did, everyone was very forthcoming. That is the best thing about this group.

  3. Speaking of shoes, before my first conference in 2004, Linda Howard told me "Wear comfortable shoes." Great advice because you're on your feet for almost 4 days straight -- maybe more if you have to go early for other things.

    This year I attended Nora Roberts's chat and she answered every question asked. She pulled no punches, and the most important thing I learned from that was that whatever process works for you is the right process. It's as simple as that. If you're a plotter, great. If you're a pantster, great. If you use storyboards or music soundtracks or creat collages, great. If smearing cow dung on the wall helps you write, then that's the right process for you. I know -- extreme example.

    Football? What's that? (ducks and runs, though not very quickly because I still have stitches and a surgical bootie on my foot)

  4. Are you ready for some football!! Yeehaw! I be ready and more. Love me some college football and the perks that go along with it, the jibes/jokes/rivalry amongst friends. Go Aubbie, Smokey, Yosemite Sam, Longhorns, Sooners, and I even like me some Colts, BRONCOS, Cowboys, Titans, and Giants! :D

    You're so right, PM. Comfortable shoes are a must but in accordance with our chapter standards, they must be fabulicious! ;)

    I didn't get the chance to go to Nora Roberts's chat. Darn! She was awesome at the keynote luncheon and I came away with more positive goals for my career by listening to her speak and taking her advice to heart. (Jump in the pool. Don't wait on the side for a break in the water.)

    Where much is received, much must be given. Going to your first conference is an overwhelming experience. Going with advice and lists and a good pair of shoes is a very good thing. No one should leave home without an HOD member. ;)

  5. Write to your strengths, write from your heart, write what you want to read. I treasure that advice.

    Football? I can wait a little while on that, but when it's time, I'm a Saints fan.

  6. Best advice. Don't whine. Put your bottom in the chair and your hands on the keyboard.

    Don't stray from the plot that Stephanie has worked hard on. It won't end well.

  7. HOD rocked at the conference and I had a great time. I loved the Nora chat. She was also a great keynote speaker. All the speakers were fabulous. I don't think I came home with 200 cards, but I came close LOL. I have so many memories and opportunities because I went to the conference.

    Football? MMMM, I grew up in Canada... I am into Hockey... still getting used to this pigskin stuff, but I'll cheer for anyone!

  8. Cheryl-I agree that no one wants to hoard knowledge in our group. As one who is a constant seeker of knowledge that is GREAT for me!

    P.M.-That's a good point you make that the best process for each of us is whatever works for each person. Thanks for reminding us of that.

    Kathy-I count myself very lucky that at my first conference I had you to support me. I agree it is important to give back!

    Crystal-No wonder you treasure that advice-it is excellent advice! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Jean-Yes, by all means stick to the plot plan!
    Ha, a girl can dream. :-)

    Christine-Memories and opportunities, what a great way to express conference!

  9. What? No response about my TEAMS? ;P

  10. Kathy--I didn't want to point out that you can't seem to commit to a team.

    Roll Tide.

  11. Good one, Jean!

    Ahem... when you've lived all over the place, loyalties get divided. Loyalty is a good quality, isn't it? ;)