Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Back To School Time

Hey Y'all,
I know that many of us are still recovering from RWA's national conference but I have already moved on to the next adventure. I am frantically getting my classroom ready for Parent Orientation at 10:00 on Thursday.

Of course, I can't just work in my classroom. I get to attend meetings and workshops for much of the day and then work in my classroom, which is the most fun. There is a lot of excitement in the air as my entire school prepares to receive students and parents for the new school year.

We are creating bulletin boards and arranging desks. Everyone is keyed up and working like Santa's elves on December 23rd. I even made a sail boat this afternoon!

All of this hustle and bustle has brought to mind my own back to school memories. I can remember going to get new clothes and school supplies. I still love the feel and smell of a brand new notebook. To this day, I think of back to school time rather than the New Year as the best time to make resolutions and changes in my life. I
think this is connected to my love of a new notebook. It is a blank slate to record new adventures on.

What is your best back to school memory?


  1. Graduating. Just kidding...maybe. What I remember the most, which is a conglomeration of years, are the new notebooks and pens. I am like you Stephanie, I love the smell of a new notebook and all those blank pages waiting to be filled. And recess - that was my best class!

  2. I love back to school--new books and cracking open the new notebook to take notes. I also loved pouring over my syllabus when I was in the higher grades and in college. I'd plan to my heart's content. And I also think of September as my new year. I redo a lot of my goals at that time.

    Happy Orientation!

  3. What an exciting time, Stephanie! I was just thinking the other day that I needed to put my School Bus flag out on the porch. Then I remembered I don't have school age children anymore. But I think I'll do it anyway. ;)

    Best school memory? Getting to see all my friends everyday. Of course, we didn't have the benefit of cell phones and computers back then. The start of school meant seeing your buds everyday. My second? Lunch time. Every day in High School I'd get a chocolate milkshake. LOL!

  4. New school shoes and new school supplies. The right pen has always been important to me. Still is. I am very particular. I also liked notebooks and loose leaf paper with very dark lines. That's hard to find.

    And then later, the start of school meant football. In fact, I'm pretty excited about that right now. I was just thinking this morning that's it's almost time to get the stadium seats out of the storage building and put them in the back of my SUV.

    I love fall. I wish it would come.

  5. Getting new school supplies was always exciting to me...and school clothes. Mustn't forget those clothes!

    Now I'm watching Thomas gear up for his freshman year. He had orientation on Monday and is excited about school. How amazing is that!

    Happy Orientation, Stephanie!

  6. I grew up in a farming community way out in the country so going back to school was the highlight of my life back then. I couldn't wait to go to the 'dime store' and pick out my new school supplies and down the street to the department store for my new clothes and shoes. Living in a rural area limited the selections but we didn't seem to mind. And getting to see all my friends again was the best!
    Have fun getting ready for the school year Stephanie!

  7. Cheryl-You are always so funny. Hope you are feeling better!

    Christine-New goals are usually a good thing.
    Good luck with yours this fall.

    Katherine-OHHH, that milkshake sounds good! We don't have that at my school but we have juice bars every Friday.

    Jean-Got my stadium seat by the door. I a ready for some foooootbaaaalllll!!!

    Crystal-LOL You are right, never forget the clothes! I used to love getting Seventeen magazine in the fall and looking at all the cool stuff we can't buy in Alabama yet.

    Sherry-I used to get my supplies at the "Dime Store" too. Ahhh, those were the days!

    Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. Orientation went well!

  8. Seventeen magazine! I remember doing the very same thing, Stephanie. Though I had to make all my clothes and went to Cloth World to find patterns close enough to the trendy styles advertised in the magazine.

    I'z ready for some foooooootttttbbballllll!! War Eagle. ;)