Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, August 16, 2010


Mixing another genre with romance isn't new. Romantic suspense and historical romance, for example, are our old friends. But it seems that every day there is another fun new blend out there.

If the Duke waltzing with the debutant at Almacks only comes out at night and blood is his meal of choice, you've got yourself a paranormal Regency romance. If a twenty-first century aspiring actress wakes up in the arms of a medieval knight, you can bet she has time traveled and, since it is a romance, there will be a happily ever after. If the hero rides a unicorn to visit the heroine, it's a fantasy romance.

If the point of the story is the romantic relationship, it's still a romance—even if the hero and heroine are robots fighting slugs from outer space.

I had an idea for an inspirational, medical, science fiction romance. What do you think?

Herman Montrose thanks the Lord above every day for the rusty nail he stepped on because, if not for it, he might have never met Dr. Tiffany Sue Ledbetter, who gave him a tetanus shot. But after he is bitten by a demon serpent in a snake handling service, Tiffany Sue is forced to amputate his arm to save his life. Herman loses faith in God, Tiffany Sue—and himself.

In an attempt to create a miracle that will bring her luscious mountain man back to her, Tiffany Sue endeavors to clone Herman's arm in her lab, which was once her granddaddy's moonshine steel. But things go awry and Tiffany Sue ends up with double the trouble when she produces another one-armed Herman.

Or is it double the fun?

That was a joke. It's hot. That's my only excuse.

What's your favorite genre blend?


  1. You have got to be kidding! FOFL!!!!! I bet it would sell! I am still here for the snake handling expedition to Sand Mountain! We could do research. But first we'd have to have an antivenin kit. I don't want another Cheryl clone running around... It's just too horrible to think about!

    I love Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters - fantasy and contemporary.

  2. LMAO! This is fabulous, Jean! ;)

    I'm enamored with paranormal historicals. Alix Rickloff and Zoe Archer are doing some great stuff in this genre.

    And of course, though I'm into all sorts of historical genres, I'm particularly fond of the Regency period right now.

  3. You had me worried! For a minute there, I thought you were serious! LOL

    I guess I like genre blending, because my soon-to-be-released book (releasing in 18 days, but who's counting?) is an Inspirational historical YA romance.

    Pretty much, I like anything that has a really compelling romance.

  4. Ok, first of all I love the name Tiffany Sue Ledbetter! You have got to write her a story! I'm not so sure about the cloning thing but if you figure it out, let me know. :-)
    Also... although I live on Sand Mountain I will NOT go with you and Cheryl to the rattlesnake thingy. Y'all are on your own there. But if you need a ride to the hospital, call me. :-D

  5. Cheryl--I don't want to actually handle the snakes. I just want to see it.

    Kathy--I am expecting a vampire pirate from you. It just has to happen.

    Melanie--I can't wait for you book. I love a medieval. Have you read Katherine by Anya Seton? It's about Geoffrey Chaucer's sister-in-law who eventually married John of Gaunt. It's wonderful.

    I thought I'd better tell everyone I wasn't serious. Even those who know me well can't always tell.

    Sherry--Thanks for the offer of ambulance driver. You are welcome to the name Tiffany Sue Ledbetter. Use it with my blessing.

  6. Jean, very festive idea, even though you aren't serious. Sounds like you would have fun with it if you gave it a go.

    I really enjoy high fantasy or fantasy & paranormal blended with the here and now. Just depends, as long as impossible possibilites are all around.

    Although Snake is a totem of mine, I think I'll pass on the snake handling expedition. If, however, you let me know when you plan to go, I'll be sure to send good juju your way. You can never have too much of that!

  7. Jean, just read your blog and couldn't help the guffaw - unfortunately hubby now wants to know what I think is so funny - not sure I can explain it to him properly.
    Love the tone, the names, just write us a short story about Tiffany Sue so we'll all be happy!

  8. Crystal--I might have fun with it right up until the time that Stephanie get a hold of me for not doing what I am supposed to be doing, which I am not going into.

    Cathy--See above. Besides, ME write a short story? It would be 100,000 words before you could say "Land a Goshen, get me off this mountain!"

  9. Jean, you have made me quite curious. Quite curious, indeed.

  10. Kathy, I love Jean's idea of a vampire pirate - never been done that I know of.

    Sherry - Thanks for the ambulance offer. Jean and I have been kicking this around for a while - we really need to find us a snake handler...

    Crystal - You're right. We deserve Tiffany's story - hard pressed doc with two mountain men and only two arms but double the fun!

    Hey Melanie - we're all counting the days! Can't wait! It's so exciting!

  11. Yes, Kathy, the vampire pirate would be cool.

  12. Vampires in tights. I LOVE it! No wait, that would be Robin Hood. Vampires with marlinspikes and axes. Darn! That would be horror. Vampires in dreads? Yes! By jove I've got it! IT COULD WORK! (cue Gene Wilder's portrayal of Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein.) A 'dreaded' vampire pirate scours the sea in search of booty and beautiful necks to adorn with his glittering fang marks.

    Melanie! We're so excited about your booksigning at LifeWay Bookstores on University Drive on Sept. 4th from 12-2 p.m.! Can't wait to see you there and get a copy of your book. But my friend, you really must learn to read between the lines where Jean is concerned. She's a sly and witty one, she is. ;)

    Sherry, I appreciate you offering medical care for our darling mates. Sand Mountain sounds like a great place to set a southern novel about snake handlers though. You just can't make this stuff up, can you? LOL!

    For the record, I think Cheryl and Jean are brave souls with slightly ascew common sense. :D

    Crystal, I believe I have a hawk totem.

    Cathy, love the 'guffaw'. Very apropos. What did hubby say?

  13. Crystal--I am supposed to be working on submissions. And I am. Except now. I am not supposed to be working on the new WIP, contemplating the universe, or hatching new ideas--least of all about a snake handling mountain man and mad scientist/doctor named Tiffany Sue.

    Kathy is right about the common sense issue. But I would have missed many things, had I used common sense--like for instance a pirate show.

    Now this is a change of subject but I'm counting on you people. Who is Kim Kardashian?
    I just retuned from Publix where I observed her on the cover of several magaizines. This is not how her life was supposed to turn out. And she has done something bad. I don't remember what. Or maybe the cover didn't tell me.

    What does she do except date athletes? I'm serious. She could be a Nobel Peace Prize winner for all I know.

    I also know I could have looked it up on the internet in the time it took me to type this but I want y'all to waste some time too.

  14. Jean, Kim Kardashian is famous for being... well, Kim Kardashian. LOL! She and her sisters have a reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Their most important claim to fame, their step-dad is Bruce Jenner. For some odd reason, my girls love this show. She also dated Reggie Bush. She shops A LOT and spends TOO MUCH MONEY! She just had a family intervention about her spending. Of course, there could be some sex tapes in existence. Or am I thinking about Hugh Hephner's former playmate, Holly? Can you tell I've been nearby when my girls have watched this show?

  15. This conversation is just going downhill at this point if you've stooped to chatting about Kim K. And that's impressive seeing where it started :) Two one-armed Herman's?!!!

    Oh, what is Tiffany Sue to do? I must know the ending, Jean, please tell us! Does she share her granddaddy's moonshine (that she's clearly been drinking) with Herman and convince him two Hermans are better than none, or does she offer herself up as a sacrifice to the demon serpent, thus needing to chop off her own arm, to pull her double-luscious mountain man out of his funk? Either way, I'm sure in the end, Tiffany Sue will get her man!

  16. Kathy--I love Bruce Jenner. Are you saying this other stepdaughter is a Playmate? Holly?

    Kim--Poor Tiffany Sue. It is a quandary.The problem is, the cloned Herman has liver disease from being created in a still. He's positively yellow--the color of Mountain Dew. He is a mirror image of the original Herman so an arm transplant is a possibility--if you are the kind who likes a man with a golden arm. But Tiffany Sue fears that if they do the arm transplant once Herman II dies, he will rise from the grave and roam the mountains, groaning, "Give me back my golden arm."

    She'd do better to relocate.

  17. LOL! There are 3 Kardashian sisters, plus two brothers, and Bruce Jenner has 2 daughters by their mother. Holly is one of Hugh Hephner's playmates and is now married to a football player. She's not related to the Kardashians. ;)

    Tiffany Sue cloned Herman's arm
    But what she got on her one-armed farm
    Was a jaundiced double with golden charm
    Where's granddaddy's moonshine,
    She cried in alarm...

  18. LORD HAVE MERCY!!! The heat has gotten to you all.

    You are crackin' me up!!

    I am glad to know that Jean remembers what she has on her to do list although clearly Tiffany Sue and Herman II are too important to wait.

    Oh and the Kardashian sisters mom was a LOOOOONG time player on a soap I used to watch. I think it was As the World Turns.

    You all are just too funny!!

  19. Oh my gosh! It's not just the heat getting to everyone - heat alone couldn't begin to produce such aberrations! I propose a truce and a rematch at the retreat in Oct! Think of the poor woman Tiffany Sue after we've competed a few rounds...