Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, August 23, 2010


Football is upon us. I am so happy. I had my first real taste this past Friday night when Precious Angel played in the high school preseason game. For the occasion, Stephanie had the most festive flip-flops I have ever seen.

She was going to craft them herself but she talked someone else into doing it for her. She isn't ordinarily crafty but was willing to try for want of the team spirit flip-flops. Rumor has it that I will have some by this Friday for the first regular season game—which is between the two high schools in our fair little city.

I am beside myself.

Precious Angel was beside himself earlier in the week too, but his excitement—unlike mine—wasn't the happy kind. Godson's Dad (who is, of course, Precious Angel's father) called me bright and early Wednesday morning and said, "I've got to make this quick but I need to tell you that Precious Angel and QB-1 were horsing around in the pool O team party and Precious Angel split QB-1's head open. He had to go to the ER."

"OH NO!" I said. "Is PA okay?"

"Upset," said Godson's Dad. "You know you he is." I do indeed.

For those of you who do not speak football, let me give you some background and translate. Precious Angel plays right guard on the offensive line. His job, which he takes very seriously, is to protect the quarterback. (Rule one: Protect the quarterback. Rule two: Protect the quarterback.) The offensive team had a pool party—I guess to promote brotherhood and celebrate the start of the season. Precious Angel and the first string quarterback—whom PA has sworn to protect with his very life—knocked heads and it ended with a visit to the emergency room (for both of them; PA as a spectator and QB-1 as a patient) and stitches for QB-1.

All ended well. QB-1 took the field and preformed well. As I watched Precious Angel block and tackle, I could almost hear him say, "Oh, no you don't! Not my QB. Not on my watch."

Are you ready for some football?


  1. Ready!!!!! Got my tickets, pom poms and annoying t-shirts!

    Can't wait for the first game, the roar of the crowd and the excitement! Guess we are strange women to most - loving football - but we could be Sandra Bullock in "The Blindside"... It's important!!!!! It's Southern!

    Tell PA good luck and best wishes!

  2. I'M MORE THAN READY! :D Spent some time scanning the channels on Saturday for football games, but alas, they won't be televised until next weekend.

    The plus side of supporting so many teams is that I get to watch football all day long! Aren't I lucky?

    (On a side note: in one of my earlier blog responses last week, I forgot to mention my precious Seminoles. Go Noles!)

    Sure hope PA is okay. There is no nobler duty than to defend one's Quarterback. Play on!

  3. Even with the translation and background you lost me. I have never been a big football fan. I don't follow college ball. And I *might* watch the Superbowl to see the commercials. Make note -- I grew up in a state where basketball is king rather than football, but I don't watch that either. I like baseball. Yeah, I know. Most folks think it's like watching paint dry. But I enjoy it.

  4. It has only just occurred to me that the four members of this blog are rabid football fans. I guess like people to tend to drift together. I swear we didn't plan it.

    PM--I wish I did like baseball. It's a long wait between football seasons. One can only watch classic replays so many times. My nephew was a good baseball player so I spent many hours per week for many years watching baseball. I guess I got enough. They have so many games a week!

  5. I am so ready for football that I watched Brett Favre's 285th consecutive game start last night as the Minnesota Vikings played the San Francisco 49ers, and listened to the interviews and comments regarding his return (again!). Despite the annoyance of Brett's indecisiveness, I find him to be very likable. What is worth noting about me watching the football, is that I found the game to watch all by myself, without my DH in the room controlling the remote. In a current role reversal, I was on the couch with the remote watching Sunday night football, and he was in the kitchen, preparing us a delicious meal of tilapia, rice, corn, and salad!

  6. PM, I love watching baseball too. In fact, the only thing I won't watch is PRO Basketball and Golf. Golf, to me, is like watching paint dry. I do love me some Tennis! Federer is my fav. My oldest looks so much like him and they have the same mannerisms. It's like seeing my son play!

    Man! Michelle, I forgot about Sunday night football, but then again I was in a store meeting that lasted 2 hours and didn't get home until after 10 p.m. Arrrrr!

    I agree wholeheartedly with you. I'm happy watching football by myself. As I said, I can watch it all day long and not get tired of it. LOL! To prevent a total waste of my time, I usually knit hats for the needy at the Downtown Rescue Mission. It's a quick release of my creative skills, I'm helping my fellow man, and I'm watching football. Who could ask for more?

    Jean! If you only knew how ardently I loved football. From the time I cheered football games in Junior High to watching my daughters do the same, I have always loved football. Members of my family are die hard Cowboys fans, but I married an unreasonable gent who can't stand the Cowboys. How did I manage that? However, through the years our support has grown for other teams and I believe I've finally gotten my dashing gent to allow Cowboy viewing in the house. Woo-hoo! It's only taken 30 years.

    Da Da Da! But as you know, there will be massive amounts of Bronco viewing this year.

  7. Michelle--You just never know what that Brett is going to do, do you? I watch football buy myself but The Guy is never cooking Tilapia while I do it.

    Kathy--You don't have to have a lot of teams to watch all weekend. Believe me.

  8. But it's more fun when you do! Spread the love, Jean. :D

  9. I like baseball - but pretty much just the Red Sox and so few games are televised that I don't get much. I guess I'll see y'all Friday night!

  10. I am soooooo ready for some football!!! In fact, I think I smell it in the air!

    I wore my new flip flops to church tonight and even though they are Decatur's colors they were still a BIG hit!!

    Well, I am off to work on another pair of flops!

    See you all under the Friday night lights!!!