Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Ten

Summertime presents us with things to do or enjoy that are particular to the season.  I tend to appreciate the snow much more than the heat of summer myself.  But I do have a few things I like to enjoy that are only available during the warm season.  So without further adieu…….

My Summer Ten Favorites 

 10.  Drive In Movies  or Movies on the Lawn (Dr M got me hooked when I
        was four years old.)
   9.  Swimming  (At the beach makes it even better!)
   8.  Frozen Margaritas and Sister’s Spicy Black Bean Salsa (It just doesn’t
        taste right in the Winter.)
   7.  Going Barefoot  (In St. Augustine Grass is the best!   
        Ing (my pedicurist) has a come-to-Jesus with me every time I see
        her.  Well!  : /)
   6.  Serenading the Cows (MooOOOoooo!)  Well, this is an all-time
        favorite.  Y’all know that!  : D
   5.  Cooking Out on the Grill…Yum!  (I love to put apple wood in my grill
        for that  little somethin' extra, too!)

    4.  Picking Blueberries (….and fresh
         fruits and veggies from the garden)
   3.  Fireflies or Lightning Bugs (Another
         joy from my childhood I’m thankful
         to give to my own kids.)
   2.  Sleeping in (No school bus pickup 
        at 6:25am! YiPpEe!!!)
         And the #1 Summer Ten Favorite is…         
AIR CONDITIONING!!!  (Well!  It’s the South, people!  It’s HOT!!!)

So, do you love or hate summertime?  What are your favorite things about the season?   


  1. Well, it isn't so much hate as...well, weariness. I do like the long days and the fresh vegetables and fruit--though I do not grow my own. I can't. I've tried. I like flip flops and crop pants. But I don't like to be hot. And I am always having to iron.

    Now, in a short while, talk to me about fall. How I love fall. Turning leaves. cool days, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and football, football, football.

    1. Oh! I love the smell and feel of starched and ironed clothes!

      And yes. I realize now how I set myself up perfectly for the football statement. I never even saw it coming! lol I love Fall too....we'll have another list then, okidoki! :D

  2. I enjoy that the summer schedule has more free time. Many of my committees or clubs don't meet at all during the summer and my church doesn't have Sunday or Wednesday evening services.

    Like Jean, I hate to be hot!!!

    1. Me too! (And I confess...it's 12.14pm, 88 degrees and climbing, and I just sent the kids out in the heat to play because I can't listen to them any more! I'm mean!!!)

  3. Heat has never bothered me. I enjoy it. My favorite thing about summer is the beach. I also love watermelon. Two great things! Oh and grilling. I love grilled veges and steak! Yum!

    1. Oh honey child! There's nothing like a rib-eye off the grill, now is there! YUM! :P

    2. I guess in this day and age, Farmer's Markets are the biggest delight for those of us that are unable to grown our own veggies and fruits.
      But just a bit of when I was a "child", wayyyyyy back when! Mom would put a blanket under the huge tree out in the yard and I would take things out to play with under the shade in the heat of the day! No electricity, no cool! My poor Mom had to continue to work inside, had to be miserable. Never remember her complaining, quite a Mom!
      Other things, dips in the pond with the cows...lol
      Chunks of ice chipped off the block of ice in the ice box, and of course homemade ice cream cranked out on special occasions!!
      Oh and of course one of my favorites, going barefoot all the time.
      Oh yes, must add this, going to the near by town that on Saturday evenings had silent movies playing in their park with a piano in the gazebo playing with the show. I thought that was absolutely fantastic! Well, unless you had to stand in line to go to the privy, which was not too cool or delightful.
      Oh, and sundresses for myself and my Mom had a few dresses that were see through, but now that I am older, I am sure the slips and hose took away the coolness of all that.
      Okay, I will quit remembering the old days, but maybe it was fun to hear about how summer was many years ago.....there is much more, but will spare you!!

    3. Billie, I always love to hear you talk about your youth! It was such a different time than what kids today experience and yet it really wasn't that long ago. Being the youngest child of the youngest child (and both having children late in life), I experienced many things even people my own age thought was "old"....like swimming with the cows and crank ice cream and such. But I never knew the silent movies or pianos in gazebos. I bet that was amazing. I do remember buying my first pair of jeans...it was a religious experience! Ha! I hate to sew even today! And my grandparents didn't have indoor plumbing until I was about 12 or so. YiKes! Even then there was no bathtub. I learned ALL kinds of things spending time with them!

  4. I LOVE fireflies and ladybugs!!!!

    I love to listen to frogs at night, owls hooting in the dark.

    I love a night sky filled with stars and lying on the grass to look up at them.

    Love summer! Beach time, free time, lots of me time!!!

  5. And beautifully said, Kathy! Said like that, you make me love it too! <3