Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The End of the Tail

For two weeks, I've been blogging about my journey to LeBlanc Resort, Cancun, Mexico.  LTC and I made the trip for our 30th Wedding Anniversary and had a fabulous time chill-axing poolside, watching the water go on forever as the Infinity pool appeared to seamlessly stream into the ocean in the distance. 

Palm trees swayed in the breeze.  Black Birds cawed, flying to and fro.  Pelicans dove into the water very close to children (Ack! scaring me half to death), as did Jonathan's Living Seagulls.  Occassionally, we'd see a Heron or two fly by, for effect.

In the ocean, we saw one particular sea fish, about 2 1/2 feet long, zooming along the shoreline in search of little bitty fishies.  Speedy Gonzales was mas rapido, mio amigos!

We also saw Komodo Dragons/Chameleons sunning themselves on the lawn beneath our hotel window, jerking their heads up and down to an imaginary beat, climbing bushes to eat the fresh leaves off the top.  Once, LTC and I decided to walk around that side of the building to try and get close to them.  One particular dragon (this one had horns down his back like Godzilla) was sunning on the sidewalk.  We got about 5 feet away before he decided he'd had enough of us.  (Pirate!)

But hark, there was a creature even bigger within this shangrila... waiting... hoping we'd fall into the water as we walked out that first night onto the peer leading to the middle of the Lagoon behind LeBlanc.

Doesn't this look ominous?

Fade to darkness.  White lights illuminated the railing and gazebo.  The two of us began the walk over this rough walkway and got about 10 yards onto the peer before something caught our eye.  The object swam slowly toward us, head practically submerged, and then curved alongside the walkway to stare at us.  Its beady eye flicked to LTC and then to me and back.  Suddenly, I knew what Captain Hook must have felt in his gut before his hand was diliberately snatched.  (This must be where the term clocked came from and I didn't want a hook hand.  Muahahahaha!)

Who or what do you think appeared?  It wasn't Santa and his reindeer.  Oh no, my pretties!

It was DINOCROCK!!!!!!!!!!  (Notice his uber long teeth.  The better to eat you with, my dears!)

Have you ever had an alligator stare you down?  The minutes ticked by like hours as he eyed his prize, US, then... deciding we weren't falling or jumping in, he submerged again, swimming beneath the walkway.  All the while, the movie Dinocrock flashed before my eyes.  I knew at once, the walkway would be destroyed and I would be thrown into the water as an American sacrifice.

Thankfully, that wasn't to be.  As we moved to the other side of the railing, we viewed the alligator swimming off, slowly descending into the murky depths.  His legs were as big as my thighs (and that's saying a lot).  I guestimated Dinocrock must have been 9 ft long.  And quickly wanting to be rid of him, I asked LTC to get me the hell outta Dodge.  (Behold my lightness of foot, I say!)

Shangrila + Dinocrock = a B-rated SciFi movie with an unwilling cast.

In spite of my imagination, Cancun was a wonderful experience and a perfect way to celebrate 30 years of marriage.  LTC and I are hoping for 30 more.  The wonderful people at LeBlanc are too. 

Behold the special way the staff at LeBlanc helped make our anniversary uber special.

Couldn't have asked for a better way to be pampered nigh onto giddiness.  And so, after 3 weeks of sharing our adventures in Cancun, that, dear ones, is the end of the tail.  Quite literally.

Have you ever been eye to eye with an alligator?  Or have you imagined a character with similiar characteristics?


  1. Replies
    1. Would make for an interesting adventure, don't you think? ;)

  2. I have never been eye to eye with an alligator but I do love to watch Swamp People, especially Troy.

    I think we have had character's with some of the characterics of alligators, especially some of our women...

    1. long sharp teeth
    2. tails that swish around
    2. keeping primary parts submerged in order to better attack unspecting victims
    3. attempting to roll the enemy under to the depths from which she came....

    oh, yes, that sounds just like someone we would write about!

    1. Aha! There are many different character types that we could look at here. Thanks!

      I haven't watched Swamp People. ;)

  3. Yes, in fact I have. When I was a teenager we would go out on Cross Lake (Louisiana) to ski. And you know teens travel in packs so there were always too many people in the boat. We'd all take turns being left at the island in the middle of the lake to free up some weight in the boat. Well, I didn't enjoy my turn. It was with the local resident, Alli Gator! No kidding! And you've never seen me be so still while on the island or move so fast to get on the boat when they returned! Yikes! Scared the bejesus outta me! For realz!

  4. I've seen them from a distance and that's good enough for me. I also adore Troy on Swamp People - he takes care of the gators - "Choot 'em!" (insert Cajun accent).

    Yeah, I agree with Stephanie, we women are a lot like gators. I even think the eyes of some of the women I know actually glow red in the dark if you hit them with a light (gators' do).

    Glad it was such a wonderful time for you and the LTC but even more glad you're back with us!

    1. By the way, Cheryl, my swamp people never got back to me about whether or not we know The Swamp People. Sigh. They're all too busy fishin' I guess.

    2. No it's Duck Commanders! They live in Monroe! The Swamp people are way down below New Orleans. I need the Duck Dynasty guys - they're rich!