Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Which Greedy Santa Personality Are You?

During the last few weeks I have played or observed the playing of a Christmas game known as Greedy Santa or Dirty Santa several times.  I realized at the smashingly fun Christmas party that our  Heart of Dixie, RWA chapter has that there are several different kinds of players. 

I thought we would talk about few of the different types of Dirty Santa players.
In order to protect the guilty, I will not be naming any names.  The players are in no certain order just as they came to me while I  watched the games.

1) The Stealer. You know them.  They ALWAYS take a present that someone else has worked hard to select and open.  Sometimes it seems as if the Stealer doesn't even want the stolen boot but simply doesn't want to bend over and get a present from under the tree or perhaps taking from others is just more fun.   Of course, the Stealers are a big part of what makes the game so fun!

2) The Opener.  The Opener is the polar opposite of the Stealer.  This player will ALWAYS open a present from under the tree. This can be nice if you can identify them early and/or if you think they might really want the same present you plan to steal later.

3) The Instigator (NO, not from the Writing Playground, just  instigating in general). This player just likes to stir the Greedy Santa pot!  It is the Instigator who will kindly point out, to the player whose turn it is, where the really cool stuff is so that he or she can consider stealing it.  The Instigator is also quick to point out which gifts have been stolen "almost" enough times for the last person to have it to keep.  As you can see this player is particularly dangerous if you have a gift that you like!

4) The Kind Heart.  This player is the person who will open a sad looking little present.  I saw a Kind Heart get a GREAT gift near the end of the game once and get to keep it. In this case, goodness got its own reward!  This is also the type of player who will take a present from someone who looks miserable and desperate to have a present stolen.  See what  I mean about having a heart.  While it is nice that some people want to be kind, in my humble opinion, if many players were this type the game wouldn't be as much fun.

5) Bless Her Heart.  This is the player that opens a lot of gifts, or maybe steals several times, but she is having that opportunity because everyone keeps stealing from her thus the bless her heart.  It seems that for whatever reason there is always at least one person who has cool gift after cool gift pass through their hands. Of course, there is a foolproof  method to bring this problem to a screeching halt, just watch this player open a bad present and all that getting stolen from will come to an end.  Bless her heart!

Are you willing to admit which type of player you tend to be?
Are there some other kinds of players that you can think of?


  1. Kind heart. I hate to see someone disappointed! I love playing but I want everyone to have fun. I think Jean is too, though she wouldn't want anyone to know it. LOL

  2. Oooh. I'm the Instigator. It's so much fun :-).

  3. Opener. And I don't care who is disappointed in their present, if they are over the age of 15 and it's not the one I brought.

    My goal is to have my gift stolen the maximum number of times. I don't care what I end up with.

  4. Cheryl, you are so nice to try to save folks from disappointment. I agree with you that Jean is also a Kind Heart but don't tell her because she thinks she is an opener.

    Maven Linda, I soooo saw that one coming and totally agree with you that stirring everything up makes things more fun.

    Jean, I agree that you like to open and am with you on wanting my gift to be "popular."

  5. I'm usually an opener, but this year was my "Bless Her Heart" year. I must have opened a dozen different gifts. I stole at the end and have enjoyed snuggling under the fleecy throw I ended up with.


  6. LOL! During our recent chapter Dirty Santa, I suppose I was playing Instigator, stirring the pot by trying to spark more excitment into our game. Normally, I wouldn't do that kind of thing. But a little devil on my shoulder made me do it. ;)

    I'd like to think of myself as an Independent. ;)