Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year, New Calendar

Yesterday I was shopping and picked up my new calendar for the new year.  I know we have talked here before about how much we love office supplies, especially at back to school time but this time of the year, as Kathy said Tuesday, is a great time to take stock in the previous year and prepare for the new one. 

Just as back to school time fills me with excitement about the possibilities the empty notebooks hold, so does the endless opportunities of a brand new calendar.  I save my calendars, as I know many of you do.  It is a lot of fun to go back and look at how I filled my days in years past. This exercise also lets me see that I need to be sure to have some balance in my life so that some of my days are free to recharge.  I have to be sure to keep this in mind as I fill in the new calendar with exciting new plans!

Here is a picture of my new planner.  It is sort of Tiffany blue with great black and white pages.  It makes me feel all excited about the new year and creative at the same time.

I love the ritual of a new calendar to prepare for the new year. 

What rituals you you have to welcome the new year off to a successful start?


  1. I have to eat ham and black-eyed peas, just for luck. I bought a new calendar too. I have already filled a lot of the beginning. I love the newness and, as you said, the possibilities of filling the days with activities.

  2. Cheryl, my family always had black eyed peas too. Do you do the greens with them?

  3. Black-eyed peas and Hog Jowels! A must for luck and prosperity in the new year. Family traditions from both sides. ;)

    If you've never had Hog Jowels, it tastes like bacon and is cooked like bacon. Yum!

    Calendars!!! I love new calendars, the expectations for a new beginning and the wonderous opportunities that will soon be unveiled. Lots to hope for, look forward to. ;)