Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Friday, December 10, 2010


It's Friday!

In honor of 'What Are You Reading' Fridays, I'd like to ask what draws you to a book. Is it the cover or the blurb? Is it the author?

What do you like to read? Contemporaries, Historicals, Paranormals, Mysteries or Suspense?

Are you drawn to books with a happily ever after or do you like the endings you'll find in a Nicholas Sparks book?


  1. I read so much that I read it all! I must have a happily ever after or I will stop reading that author. I read fiction to escape from real life and I want a happy ending!

    I read a LOT by author. If I find an author that I like I try to read everything that author writes. This works for me most of the time.

  2. Stephanie, that is exactly why I like to read, to escape. I think that's why I like historicals so much. By going back in time, I can escape the realities of our modern era.

    Like you, I have to have a happy ending. Reading about two people, perhaps two wounded souls, uniting and finding the love they thought they would never find, is greatly rewarding. ;)

  3. I tend to lean toward contemporary romance but I'll wander outside that for the right story.

    I gave up on Nicholas Sparks after reading 4 books and figuring out somebody always dies. They aren't romances, plus he's made some derogatory remarks about romance and I don't like folks who diss romance. So there! That being said, The Notebook was a fabulous book -- his only fabulous book. IMHO he's never reached the same level with his subsequent works.

    Verification word = redness, which is the color of my nose after walking to the mailbox.

  4. I'm finishing up the Last Man Standing series by Victoria Alexander. My years in Europe stunted my knowledge of romance authors, so I'm catching up.