Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Snow Is NOT For The Faint 0f Heart

This last weekend’s snow for Christmas was a wished-for event. I love snow: the way every thing is coated with beautiful white crystals; the way sound is dampened and every thing is quiet; and the snug feeling of looking out the window at the cold but beautiful white blanket. I thought that nothing could be more magical than a White Christmas.

My mistake. The first inkling that it wasn’t good was a phone call from my parents that they weren’t coming. They live about a hundred fifty miles away and they didn’t want to take a risk driving and getting stuck out somewhere. Great, I had baked a twenty-one pound turkey for five people (to include left-overs for supper and the next couple of days). Now I was stuck with more turkey than I wanted. I had also doubled all my casseroles. Again, stuck with more food than I wanted. Okay, not a problem – I could freeze the extras for later. I would miss seeing my parents but it would be best if they not take any risks getting here. Still, I wished I hadn’t made so much food.

The next thing I had forgotten was that my boys were not going to feed the horses in the morning because it was Christmas. Unless you’re ten years old, being out in the wet stuff is not fun. I trudged out in the swirling snow and immediately fell, landing on my posterior. I scrambled to my feet, looked around to see if any one had witnessed my graceful fall. Daisey, the mule, had because she wore a smile on her face. I swear it was a smile because her teeth were showing. I shrugged it off and proceeded to feed all the animals, checking water and making sure they had plenty of hay. I did all of this in wet blue jeans. The snow that clung to my clothes had melted and I was walking around in soggy pants. Great. Such fun in the snow!

Back inside, I was met at the door by a dancing Doberman. My routine, after feeding the horses, is always to walk the dogs. They expect and demand it rigorously. Okay, I would take them out but I promised them that they wouldn’t like it. I usually take them through the garage which has a dog door in the middle entrance which Mason leaps through with joyous abandon. As I was pulling my boots back on I heard a large crash and then something akin to the cry of the Hound of the Baskervilles. My first thought was the mountain lion was back and, in the cold and snow, had decided Doberman was on the menu. I grabbed a hoe and went out the door, ready to defend my ninety-five pound wuss. Opening the door, the “wuss” was lying sprawled (like Bambi on the ice) with all four legs splayed in different directions. I must say I have never seen a more pitiful looking dog – his brown eyes pleading for help. I proceeded to try…we both ended up falling, again. I finally pushed him and me off the patch of ice and he scrambled up, leaving me to my own devices. Such loyalty! The walk didn’t last that long – everyone wanted back inside.

The cats, not used to being cooped up in the house were howling and demanding to be let out. I also warned them but they wouldn’t listen. Out the back door they went, across the back porch, an abrupt turn and everyone was demanding to be let back inside. One cat, my Pris, was doing this running-clawing thing on the glass as if she could dig her way back inside. So much for the howling – everyone settled down for their long winter’s nap. I never heard another thing from any of them.

The rest of the day was pretty much uneventful until I had to do the same routine again. Out in the snow, getting wet, getting cold and not enjoying it for one blasted minute. I came to a conclusion: Snow is best viewed from behind a window, holding a hot cup of cocoa.

How was your White Christmas? Did you go outside and enjoy the winter sports? Make a snowman? A snow angel? Brrrr.


  1. I, too, was expecting lots of company who decided not to risk the roads and have too much food left in the refrigerator. But we had less ice and more snow and the dogs had a blast. I enjoyed it on Saturday morning - the flakes were huge and the unexpectedness of the snowfall was wonderful - but I was less fond of it as the day went on. I can only change into dry clothes so many times a day before the snow loses its charm. No snowmen, but lots of thrown snowballs!

  2. Cheryl, you have hysterical adventures! Sure hope your hand didn't suffer when you fell.

    I love snow! When it snows the world stops, IF for a few hours or days. Being snowed in is wonderful, because I'm usually going mock 1, and it FORCES people everywhere to slow down. In this modern age of instant this and instant that, mother nature accomplishes an amazing feat no other can.

    I did not get out in the snow and play, though the kids did and we have a huge snowman holding a bottle of Sundrop, with a cayenne pepper nose and grape eyes. Instead, I chose to enjoy it, as Cheryl says, from the window or front door, or through young ones eyes. ;)

  3. I had a lovely Christmas with my family but no, I did not step foot out the door to check out the Winter Wonderland. Sorry dear friends, I am not a fan of snow. It's cold, wet and messy when it melts. On the other hand, our dogs loved it and wouldn't stay inside. The messy part came when they shook after they came back inside. Kind of ironic that I had to get out the 'beach' towels to clean up the mess. ;-)

    I'm off from work this week and there are a ton of things I need to do that involve being outside. It ain't happening. It's cold and y'all know I don't do cold. Snow Angels?? No way! lol

    Hope you didn't hurt your wrist Cheryl!
    FYI: 82 more days until Spring!! :-D

  4. Hey Cathy! My dogs did finally have a great time but it was murder on my floors. The horses seemed to enjoy it too. They ran a lot, shaking their heads and snorting.

    Kathy, I know. Most of my adventures end up like Abbot and Costello. Everything ends up in some kind of fall or injury. No, I didn't hurt my hand. AOK on that one.

    Sherry, soo glad you had a lovely Christmas! Yes, you are like me - we prefer the warmth, the pool and a good cold drink! 82 Days till spring? Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I've tried to post twice. Here's to trying again.
    Loved it, every minute of it but did not go out in it. I've been sick and did not want to tempt fate.

    Cheryl, I hope Daisy got coal for laughing at you!

  6. Aw Jean! Sorry you're sick! I should be for all the wet, cold "fun" I had!

    Hope you get better soon!

  7. Cheryl, you make everything such a delightful adventure. I am sure you had some choice words in mind as you fell and wrestled in the snow.

    Like Jean, I loved every minute of it. It was so pretty but didn't interfer with any of my plans so that was the best of all. I could see the prettiness but didn't have to miss good times with my friends.

    Sunday it snowed most of the here and was beautful to watch.