Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Collections, Collections, Collections

Have you ever made the comment that you really liked something and the people in your life heard it as, "Hey, I think I want to collect-fill in the blank."

I like dressed eggs and deviled eggs. I like to eat them. I like to make them. I like to take them to food sharing occasions because others, especially men, like them too. What you may be asking yourself is the difference in a dressed egg and a deviled egg? Well, if you make them really spicy and sprinkle the top with cayenne pepper you have deviled eggs but if you make the filling more mild and sprinkle paprika on the top of them you have dressed eggs. A boy child once asked me how you got naked eggs, I guess that would be if you didn't sprinkle anything on top of the filling.

Once upon a time, long, long ago in another lifetime, I saw an egg plate in an antique mall that was a beautiful green color. I said how pretty it was and my wonderful friend went back and got it for me for Christmas. Here is a picture of the egg plate. I use it all the time but especially during the holidays because it is so goreous and I always, always, always think of her.

So that is how it began...Others heard me talking about how much I loved the egg plate and how great it was to get it as a gift so they thought that I would love it if they got me an egg plate. And they are correct! I love each and every one. Apparently I am not the only one who loves an egg plate. There are entire webpages dedicated to them. Eggplates "dot" com has some beautiful egg plates as well as the history of egg plates. It was very interesting to read and to see that I am not alone in my love of the egg plate.
Within the last few years, I have gotten several other egg plates. The same wonderful friend got me a beautiful one that I could find a picture of. It is a fantastic green tree shaped plate with snow , cardinals, and ribbon. It is by Susan Winget and called Winter Wonderland. Apparently, it is so special there aren't any for sale on the internet. Who would have thought it was possible for something to exsist and not be for sale on the internet.
Here are some pictures of some of my favorites...

Aren't they beautiful!
Don't they make you smile
and remember Sunday dinner
at Grandmother's house?

I think that is why I love egg plates and am so charmed by them. They make me think of social times and simpler times when life was slower and more relaxed.
Do you have any collections? Did you start collecting on purpose or was it an accident like mine?


  1. I have a few teapots, most of which were gifts. I'm thinking about getting some more. I love my tea and make a pot every morning. It would be nice to have it in a Christmas tea pot these days. So I guess you could say I fell into this.

    LOVE your egg plates! I only have one, but every good southern girl is supposed to have at least one, so I'm in line with the southern etiquette gods. Of course, I can't remember the last time I used it.

    And thank you for clarifying the difference between dressed and deviled eggs. Actually, I never knew there was anything besides deviled eggs.


  2. Wonderful blog post, Stephanie. I didn't realize all this time that I'd been making 'dressed eggs' not deviled eggs. ;)

    Your egg plates are beautiful. I love the green one. It reminds me of the old fashioned colored glass women in the 30's-40's used to get. Was it called Depression Glass? I've got quite a few pieces of it. I'll have to check. I may have an egg plate. I've got a wonderful egg plate that is removable and can be frozen in order to keep the eggs cold. It also has a cover for it too. I use it all the time to transport the eggs I make to my in-laws for dinner. ;)

    Marilyn, I have a thing for teapots too. There's just something about a tea pot. Though I have no where to store them. LOL!

  3. Well, I do like snowmen. They make me smile. People found out. If all my snowmen (and there are some women and children) came to life and melted, there would be a flood from here to the coast.

  4. I collect American Pottery - not like you see in the Smokies - the type made in the twenties through now. Homer Laughlin, Frankoma, Hall, Weller - all of them. When I started they weren't much. Now, however, the prices are ridiculous. I also collect Limoges (which is a name for the area of France, not the makers) from the eighteenth century. And last, but not least, my little American creamers - I have a lot of those! I also have quite a bit of Depression glass. Guess I am a pottery/glass -aholic.

  5. I've got cat figurines in various poses. I also have given my daughter a ton of snow globes over the years. Try moving those puppies--ain't easy. I love the egg plates. I don't have one. Now I want one :-)

  6. I have some beautiful teapots my grandmother has given me over the years. Silver and lapiz blue, burgundy and gold, and the one that looks like a duck! I also have some Roseville pottery and carnival glass. My grandmother again was the instigator in all these lovely things. She has an enormous capacity to differentiate Weller from Roseville and cut glass from pressed glass and I love listening to her tell me about them. Each time she gives me a 'new' piece, she instructs me to use them. So sometimes I have really lovely table settings!

  7. Hey everyone,
    Sorry to be so late getting back to all the ocmments. It is a crazy time in the neighborhoodA

    Thanks to everyone for the nice compliments on my eggplates.

    Marilyn-Teapots are so comforting. I have a few as well and really enjoy using them all. Glad to clear up that "deviled" vs. "dressed" issue for you. :-)

    Kathy-You are correct some of that colored glass is called depression glass. Your freezable egg taker sounds great!

    Jean-Don't worry about your snowpeople getting lonely. We are all getting you more for Christmas. Nah, not really. One mantle full of snowpeople is enough for anyone!

    Cheryl-Your collections sound beautiful. I really like glassware too. I have a bit of depression glass but decided a few years ago to start collecting milk white. I think it is so pretty. Do you have any of it?

    Christine-Ohhhh, I love a snowglobe. Your daughter is very lucky! Girl, you NEED an eggplate. What if now that you live in Alabama you have an egg emergency? I would put egg plate on my Christmas list if I were you!

    Cathy-It sounds like you have some really nice glass pieces and what lovely memories you and your grandmother made together. You are very lucky!