Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Lighting Is Everything

Per Jean’s blog post about Holiday Rules, I've been thinking a lot about lighting. Sitting on my couch, staring up at my banister railing on the balcony above, I’ve been eyeing my lighted garland (yes, the one I had to restring— the lazy way). Now that my lights work again, they sparkle like stars in a night sky. Oh! How I love to turn off all the lights in the house and watch them twinkle like winking friends.

Lighting, you see, is everything.

Lighting sets the mood. It softens the hardest edges or crispens the dullest sheen. Without the proper lighting, an actor/actress would not get the perfect silhouette when performing. Movies would not have ambiance, especially during romantic scenes. Music would not have that ethereal spark that summons the spirit and moves the heart. Composers would not be motivated to write masterpieces and artists would not be inspired to stroke canvas.

Lighting, my friends, is everything.

Without the proper lighting, one cannot read a book. A writer cannot put words to the page. Craftsmen of all kinds would be forced to work only during the day, under the hot sun. Wise Men wouldn’t have been able to find their way across distant lands without a star to guide them to a manger.

Lighting is everything.

This is the season to celebrate light as daylight fades into winter with the rotation of the earth and life is cast into darkness. Humanity would plunge into the abyss, succumbing to the severest cold, if fire had never been invented. Thank goodness for lighting or else those who live in Alaska would go insane! This is why Nordic people paint all their furniture white or a very pale blue. Light has a life-giving force. There must always be light. Without it, the human eye takes on a deathly glow (cue movie: pan to race forced to live underground after the apocalypse). The human mind would fall into depression without light to provide Vitamin D.

Lighting is everything.

Light gives life. Plants need light to thrive and survive. We here at Okay, Listen Here wouldn’t have Tulip trees to provide southern charm or shelter our skin from damaging effects of the sun. (A southern woman always takes pride in having supple, youthful skin. Sho ‘nuff.)

Lighting, my friends, is everything.

So as we go through this holiday season, remember to let the light of compassion guide your path. Be a friend to someone who needs one. Shine for your family. Guide your loved ones with grace. Lighting is everything and if we take light within ourselves, syphoning the power of the stars, we’ll make a brighter tomorrow.

What is your favorite light source? And, if you could influence someone in history, who would that be?


  1. What a great post! Leave it you to point out the importance of something that we take for granted.

    Favorite light source? A fire.

    Who would I have influenced? Today, the answer is John Lennon. I would have told him to be somewhere else 3o years ago today.

    What a loss.

  2. Aw! Thanks, Jean. :)

    A warm fire would be just right about now. I've been outside painting the store windows for the second straight day and I'm frozen through and through.

    John Lennon, huh? I've often wondered if there would have ever been a Beatles reunion if he hadn't been killed.

    I'd say my favorite light source is candlelight. You can hide so much in candlelight, to include flaws. ;)

  3. Candles! I love to write by candlelight. I also like sunsets and the orange-red glow.

    I am with Jean. Today I would have told John Lennon to stay away from home today.

  4. Oh, I do love a fire. I am also a fan of twinkling Christmas lights. Not so much a fan of candle light because I am always afraid I will knock them off and catch someone, probably myself, on fire. Stop, drop and roll always ruins the romantic mood.

    In my home I am the biggest fan of soft lamp light. Like candle light it provides a soft glow but unlike open flame I am not on edge around it.

    Not sure about the who would I influence person. I will have to think about that.

  5. I am all about the candles and the fire. But I'm also a fan of christmas lights.

    I love low light that illuminates. (I dislike the over head lights)

    Who would I have influenced in history? No one. I figure, I have a hard enough time influencing my children.....

  6. Cheryl, candlelight has that romantic something, doesn't it? There's nothing like soft candlelight refecting in a room to warm the spirit.

    I'm a bit leery of candles too, Stephanie. But I do love to have them about the room. And I have fond memories of relaxing in front of the fire at one of Clint Eastwood's haunts in California one winter. Very cozzy.

    Mary, influencing one's children is the greatest gift there is. And you do a fabulous job with your girls. ;)

    There are so many historic figures that I would love to have met or influenced in some small way, but like Mary, being a worthy influence on my children and grandchildren is my greatest goal.