Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Birthday

You might think when you read the title of this blog that it is going to be about the little baby Jesus and his upcoming birthday, but you would be wrong. This blog is about having to share your birthday week with Christmas.

Let me first say that I love Jesus as much as most and plenty more than some. I also really love Christmas. I love the decorating, the cooking, the shopping, the gift giving and the gathering together with friends and family. What I don't love is that Christmas and my birthday are in the same week! I really wish Christmas could come at some other time, I mean, don't historians think that Christ was really born during the summer? I say let's move Christmas to June.

My birthday was yesterday and Cheryl's is today. We both agree that it stinks to have a Christmas birthday but having a Christmas birthday does have a few perks:

1. Almost everyone is ready to party with you since it is a festive time of year.

2. You quickly can tell who is REALLY your friend because they never give you a birthday gift wrapped in Christmas paper. It may be news print or paper sack but it is NOT Christmas wrapping.

3. You can tell if your family thinks you are special because they have you a party that doesn't have any Christmas things like plates or decorations.

4. You often have extra time off from work to celebrate because it is so close to the actual holiday.

5. I am sure there is a fifth perk but I couldn't think of what it might be. I will give a prize to the person who comments today with the best perk.

These may not seem like much but as a Christmas baby you quickly learn to take the good where you find it in December.

Can you think of any perks to having a
birthday so close to Christmas?


  1. Three wise men come and give you expensive stuff. Of course, you're going to need it when you have to flee in a few years to keep from being killed along with the other baby boys.

  2. Maybe a 5th perk is you get better and more gifts because folks were able to buy them at great prices on Black Friday. My mother's birthday is 3 weeks after Christmas, so I always buy her present at the after-Christmas sales.

    Happy birthday to you and Cheryl.

  3. Aw! Happy Birthday a day late, Stephanie!

    Wishing you the best birthday EVER, Cheryl!

    What kind of Kismet is this? Jean's birthday is a day after mine and you two have your birthdays one day apart.

    Fifth perk: You get to go all year without having to admit you're a year older when everyone else is lamenting about their birthday. ;)

  4. Wow, Kathy! I never thought about our birthdays. And we are June girls, so we are exactly in between. We were all truly made for each other. Let's not forget that Stephanie and I say Roll Tide and you and Cheryl say War Eagle.

    Happy Birthday Cheryl. Love you!

  5. Hey everybody,
    Sorry to have been out of pocket all day.
    Travelled to Momma and Daddy's for the holiday festivities.

    Jean-The Wise Men bearing gifts would be cool but the fleeing for my life, not so much.

    PM-Great point about the sales. More gift for me is definately a perk!

    Kathy-I never thought about the birthday kismet. It is like it was written in the stars!

  6. Thanks for the Birthday wishes everyone! Had a good day!

    Yes - as Stephanie says - having a birthday close to Christmas is bad. People give you a gift and say "This is for your birthday and Christmas." Yeah, I'll remember that in May when yours rolls around...

    5th perk - Your husband wants to make a big difference between Christmas and your birthday - you get lots of sparklies!

  7. Cheryl,glad you had a good day.

    That is a pretty good perk!

  8. I would say a perk is that you can get a bigger gift, a combo gift of birthday and Christmas.

    I hope you still get a birthday cake!!

    Your name is not Noelle or Merry.

    Steve's birthday is often Memorial Day weekend, when the balloon festival is in Decatur. For years, Jake thought the balloons were here just to celebrate his dad's birthday!

  9. Checking in late, oops! My daughter's birthday is Dec. 21. For years we wouldn't even start decorating for Christmas until her after her birthday party - which we often held a week early to keep the Thanksgiving/birthday/Christmas celebrations very separate. But her favorite perk is that her grandmother would always take her 'birthday shopping' during the after Christmas sales. They were awesome shoppers and she always got more bang for the buck by waiting a few days for that particular gift. She always looks forward to spending the day with Mamaw, too.