Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Friday, October 1, 2010


I can't tell you what everyone is reading today because I am having trouble communicating with my girls. No, we are not mad at each other. No, we have not stopped speaking the same language. No, I have not lost their phone numbers.

But it is 10:30 at night--too late to call and I didn't email them because I can't email.

Yes, my friends. My wonderful locally owned dependable service provider has sold out to an evil empire and it isn't going all that well for me. I just can't get it together. I get some email. I have the Internet sometimes. I can't email out at all. My cable it dicey. It has not been dicey during a football game yet. That will be next. The score will be 14-10. It will be third and goal with no time outs and 10 seconds on the clock. Then the cable will go away. It's bound to happen.

I am a wreck. I am also not reading anything. I finished Rhett Butler's People this morning but I haven't had time to start anything new for fooling with my technology and yelling at people.

The yelling has done no good. The Guy has respectfully requested that I stop yelling at those people. He's a real gentleman, The Guy. We'll see how that works out for him when the cable goes out three minutes before The Fringe or Star Gate number 873, the Next Generation goes off.

I'm changing the subject now. It's for the best. Cheryl, Stephanie, and I are going to see some of our favorite people in Atlanta this weekend. We are going to Moonlight and Magnolias, a writer's conference sponsored by Georgia Romance Writers chapter of RWA. We will miss Kathy, but she has some important fish to fry this weekend because she is such a great mom.

So. . . .

Tell us what you're reading.
Tell us how you cope when your technology goes awry.
Tell us your favorite food--just 'cause I want to know. Humor me. I'm having a bad day.


  1. My favorite food is cake! And pizza! And strawberries!
    I am not in the middle of a book, but I am about to start Blood Born by
    The Lindas.
    When my technology goes awry, I also get very frustrated. Our cable company was banging on the front door at 7:30am this morning, wanting access to the cable box in the back yard. But it is not in our yard - I hope they found it!

  2. PCL is worse than Charter right now. and i hear our local customer service is now moving to GA in jan..not happy. Just finished Sizzling 16 by Janet Evanovich...love her, love the mysteries; love all food, anything out of cotton country, cheeseburgers, gigis cupcakes, red bar...guess this explains why i will never be a size 6 :)...oh and how was Rhett's people. i have it, just have never read it..

  3. I am reading Simon Says by Lori Foster. I wouldn't have figured that I would like a series of books about Ultimate Fighters but they are really hot!!!!

    My favorite food is a cupcake.

    Hope you all have a happy Friday!!

  4. I'm reading There Goes The Bride by Lori Wilde. I've had the book for a few years but never got around to reading it. Now I can't put the thing down!

    No, I don't have cable problems...ever. Well, not unless the cable guy wants to eat PBJ sandwiches and sleep on the couch! ;-D
    Jean, I'd be happy to help you out with the cable issues but it's not in his area. Sorry!

    Favorite food: Anything I don't have to cook! :-D
    Hope y'all have a great time at M&M!

  5. Jean, I sure hope your cable situation gets fixed before you have problems watching a game. That would be positively horrendous! Woe to the fool who makes that happen... ;)

    I sure wish I could be with you gals this weekend, but alas I have other obligations that I love just as much. I'll miss you but I know that the three of you are going to have a GREAT time!! Hugs. :D

    Michelle, I love cake and pizza too. But ultimate fav has to be chocolate chip cookies. Can't pass one up when I see one, which might explain my hips. LOL!

    Carey, we got to hear Janet Evanovich speak at one of our writing conferences and she a real funny lady. Enjoy Sizzling 16! :)

    Stephanie, how about those cupcakes from that company Fifi? Or is it under another name? Anyway we have this great company in town that supplies those wonderfully moist cupcakes with uber thick icing. Heaven!

    Sherry, you are a woman after my own heart. No cooking! Woo-hoo! One of the great things about going to conference. ;)

    I've also got a high stack of books I've been meaning to get too. Right now I'm eager to find Jane and the Damned. It is out on the shelves today!

    Happy Reading everyone!!

  6. Thank you all for comiserating with me.

    Kathy--I know you understand.

    Carrie--Rhett Butler's people was good. It was no GWTW but much better than Scarlett. You should start a cable company. It would be small potatoes compared to what you've done for this community.

    For the moment the technology is working. My favorite food is crab. But I also like shortbread. The Target brand is better than any I had in Scotland.

    Stephanie--Ah, yes. Remember the cupcakes in Seattle? Best of cupcakes, the worst of times.

    Sherry--If only.

    Michelle--7:30? And you let them live?