Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, October 25, 2010

Haunted Happenings

Happy Halloween. It's Ghost Week here under the Tulip Tree.

Those who believe in ghosts claim that spirits from the beyond are more likely to join us in the fall because that's when the veil between our world and theirs is thinner. Specters also supposedly get stirred up when there is renovation going on or an adolescent in the house. Of course, those things are enough to make anyone—alive or dead—have a come apart.

My neighborhood was burned to ground during the War or Northern Aggression and resurrected during the Victorian period. My own house was built in 1908 and, as far as I know, no one has ever died in it.

"You've got a ghost," the man said to me. He was turning the ugliest kitchen in America into something rather better and I was flying through on my lunch hour to see how things were progressing.

"I do not have a ghost," I told him. "What I've got are some ugly cabinets. That's what is scaring you; they scare me."

"It's not funny," he said.

"I agree. There's nothing at all amusing about stained plywood."

"If you don't have a ghost, what's all that thumping upstairs?"

"That would be a seventeen pound cat chasing a fifteen pound cat on uncarpeted hardwood floors."

"Oh," he said.

But not all the stories around my neighborhood are so easily debunked.

Bunco Babe, my good friend from around the corner, shares her house with six-year-old blue eyed blond boy. That wouldn't be so unusual, except, from the looks of his nightshirt and the candle he carries, he was probably born not long after the house was built in 1889.

She's used to him. So am I—at least as used to him as I'll ever be. He loves a houseful of women. I think his mother must have had ladies in regularly. One night when Bunco Babe hosted our Bunco group, Ghost Boy was particularly busy. He tromped up and down the stairs all evening, let the cat out of a locked room twice, and turned over a pitcher of margaritas. Finally, one of our party said, "I can't take this another minute," and left. I didn't. I'd gotten pretty cavalier about him—or so I thought.

That all changed when he paid me a visit

Ghost Boy is very attached and protective of Bunco Babe. She had given me a pair of pants that were too short for her and they went missing from my closet. I looked high and low, until I finally decided that I had mistakenly packed them away with last season's clothes.

Then one morning, Bunco Babe called me. "Why did you bring these pants back to me?" she asked. "I found them in a bag, hanging on my door knob." It stood to reason that she thought I had left them. We often leave things for each other employing the bag/doorknob method.

But not this time. I told her I had not returned them. In fact, I had been looking for the pants for a week. The only thing we could figure was that Ghost Boy thought I had cheated Bunco Babe out of her pants and retrieved them for her.

"I'll tell him I gave them too you," she promised. (She often has to scold him.) "And I'll bring them back to you."

I assured her that would not be necessary. In fact, it would not be tolerated. A little spilled drink and stair stomping is one thing. I don't want any pants that have been touched by ghost hands, no matter how cute they are.

Do you believe in ghosts? Have you had an experience?

Tell us about it and remember to check back with us every day this week for more haunted happenings.


  1. I try not to think about ghosts, but this story is cute. I believe they do exist and am terrified of them.


  2. Christine,

    Boo!, back at you! And Whooooo too!

  3. Yes, I have had a ghostly experience....in your back yard. I always think about it when I leave your house by the back door, even after all this time.

  4. Black Prince (Kyle) and I had an experience while cat sitting for Bunco Babe. I've also never forgotten it. Happy Halloween!!! I love you.

  5. I like ghosts! I think they are fascinating and I like to feel their presence.

  6. I need to send you a copy of my ghost article from this month's Nashville Lifestyles. Will do that this morning.

  7. Jean, talk to your friends.
    We want to know the back yard story and BabyGirl's experience cat sitting!

    I truly believe in ghosts! Don't blame you on the pants though!

  8. I am married to the most practical man on earth. And he has rubbed off on me. I have never had a ghostly experience. I doubt I ever will. I think you probably have to be open to the idea first, and I usually think there's an explanation for everything. A sensible ghost wouldn't waste any time on me. :)

    Though I totally want to go to Bunco Babe's house now and see if I get a peek. I wouldn't mind a friendly ghostly experience. It would make so many things make sense -- if that makes sense. ;)

  9. Lynn, my husband laughed at me for a long time...until...well, you'll see tomorrow. He became a believer. I agree, you have to be open to it. I am a very superstitious person so maybe that's why I experience a lot.

  10. OF--Stephanie is going to write about your experience Thursday. Everyone tune in.

    Babygirl--tell us the cat story. I don't remember.

    Michelle--I didn't know that about you.

    Gwen--I'd love to see it.

    Cheryl--Yeah--not ghost pants for me.

  11. I'm looking forward to your post, Cheryl! :)

  12. Cool post, Jean. I definitely believe in ghosts and have felt their presence several times over the years.

    Happy Halloween!

  13. Lynn--There was a time when I didn't believe. The Guy is also Mr. Pragmatic. Though he has seen appliances come on and off at will in her house, a singing chandelier, and heard bells ringing, he is still skeptical.

    Crystal--Tell us a story!

  14. I always say I'd like to see a ghost, but honestly, I think it would freak me out far too much. And there's no way I'd keep the ghost pants! Yikes!

  15. Holy Ghost Pants, Batman!

    What a cool story, Jean! Thanks for sharing it. I do believe in the afterlife, that there are things we cannot posibly understand going on around us. But other than being saved by an angel on a long dark ride back to college, I don't have any experiences to speak of.

    Residual ghosts are cool. Intelligent ones that physically communicate seem scary or can be viewed as mischevious entities. All in all, I'd rather watch Ghost Hunters. ;)

  16. Well, I thought that I had posted from school today but I guess it got eaten by the blog monster, or maybe the blog ghost so I will try again.

    Jean, the blog was a little scary to me even if I have heard all the Bunco Babe stories before.

    I believe in ghosts so much that I don't really like to talk about them. I know most of them are friendly but things that I can't touch and explain freak me out a bit.

    I will, indeed, be telling the back yard story on Thursday along with another story of the same sort. Be sure to check back all week for ghostly entertainment.