Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Falling for Fall

Today on the way home from work I noticed how beautiful the dappled light was as it fell on the trees and houses on my street. The leaves are beginning to turn, and the air this week has been crisp and clear. Fall is definitely in the air!

There are signs of fall all around from the football jerseys the boys wear every Friday to the sounds of the marching band practicing down the street as I come home many afternoons.

I love Fall. It is by far my favorite time of year. I love the way the air smells different and feels lighter. Its not so heavy and muggy like summer air. I adore getting out my fall clothes and shoes so that it's like having a whole new wardrobe.

Of course, no conversation about fall in Alabama would be complete without talking about football. I love the excitement of football Fridays at school when all the kids are wearing their jerseys and talking smack about what they are going to do in this week’s game. “Gonna get me 10 sacks!!” “I’m gonna score 3 touchdowns!” These are just two sentences that I heard last Friday. And let’s not forget South Eastern Conference football Saturdays. (Roll Tide Roll!!) It is difficult to plan anything other than football on Saturdays around here because everything has to be planned around when certain games are being played. That’s just how it is. I will never forget hearing about the bride who wanted to plan a wedding on the third Saturday in October. When her groom quit laughing, he pointed out to her that was the weekend of the Alabama/Tennessee game and that unless she wanted to get married at the football game, most of their friends and family wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding. She decided that another weekend might be a better choice.

I have great memories of my childhood and the fun things my family did in the Fall. My daddy took us to football games with his guy friends and their kids. Daddy also took us trick or treating every year with my uncle and cousins. It was great fun for us because our daddies were waaaaaaay more lenient about the rules like not running in the dark and not running in the streets than our moms were. Daddies are often cool that way. We had fall festivals and hayrides. It just always seemed like fall was the coolest part of the year. Now that I am an adult it still seems that way to me.


Fall is clearly my favorite season.

What is your favorite season and why?


  1. Love the image you posted, Stephanie. Fall is my second favorite time of the year. Though when you mentioned football season, I falter. I love football season, the sound of band music, the rivalry (hint), leaves floating on the wind, the vibrant colors scattered throughout the land, and the eager approach of the holidays. But my favorite time of year is spring.

    I love it when the earth comes to life, flowers bloom, the air is crisp and scented, animals give birth, and weddings take place. I look forward to the joy and expectancy of planting a fresh flower garden, and most of all, the reminder that there will always be sunlight and warmth at the end of bitter cold/darkness. This more than anything keeps my mind and heart alive because it reminds me that at the end of every sorrow, there will be joy, renewal, and one more chance at happiness. Spring is the season to try again. Spring is the season of new beginnings. It is nature's way of encouraging us to go on.

  2. I love fall too! Just hate what comes after - winter. I love the changing leaves and the crispness of the air and...yes football. I followed my son around for eight years, high school and college, while he was in the band. Nothing makes my heart swell more than seeing that band come down the field! We still go to every home game (War Eagle) and I still get that knot in my throat when they play the fight song. Fall is a great time of the year - fun and kind of melancholy. I like to remember things at this time of year. A time of reflection. Any way, great post!

    And just for you and Jean...uhmmm...Roll Tide.

  3. Summer. After living in Hawaii for 3 years, summer is my favorite time of year. I'd really like an ocean view too. :) Fall is okay, but I despise winter with a passion -- and winter is next. Grr.

  4. Cheryl, football seems to be the theme here. Yay!

    Lynn, I agree. I don't like it when it's very cold. I like sweater weather best.

    Now if we're talking colors from Color Me Simple, I'm a winter.

  5. Stephanie I love the picture you posted! I've got to know where you found that and if there is one with a summer/beach scene. :-)
    I'm not a fall fan. Like the others it just means winter is around the corner and I am not a winter kind of gal. Lordy, I will complain about being cold until spring! I love my shorts, t-shirts and flip flops! Of course, I guess I could still wear them but I might be a little under-dressed!
    I do love football though so I guess I'll suffer through it sitting on the sofa watching the games! War Eagle!!

  6. I love that picture too! It's pleasing to the eye and senses. ;)

    War Eagle, Sherry!! :D

  7. Hey Y'all,
    Glad you like the picture. I found it on photobucket and loved it!

    Cheryl and Kathy-I enjoy seeing and hearing the band too. It sorta makes one's heart swell.

    Lynn and Sherry-Summer is a great season too. I love the flip-flops and warm weather! It is probably my second favorite season!

  8. Trying again. . . .

    First, before I answer, I want to scream. Knology. I don't know if I spelled it right and I don't care. They don't deserve to be spelled right. It took five minutes for this page to load. I can't even get my iTunes going.

    Enough about me and my computer problems.

    Fall. I love everything about it--turning leaves, cooler weather, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and--most of all--football. Summer is my least favorite. I do not like to be hot and I have no gardening skills. When the heat breaks, I feel renewal.
    My next favorite season is winter. I love winter clothes and snuggling down under a throw to read. I like spring well enough but, though my allergies are not severe, it's always a bit of trial.

    Thanks for Roll Tide, Cheryl. You are a true friend, so I will return the favor--War Cam Eagle.

    Love the picture. It's a Roll Tide kind of picture.