Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tales From the Beach Part 2: Stuck In The Sand

We had all piled into Dr. Great Smile's SUV and were about to embark on an evening of frivolity, liquid refreshment, and seafood. We were not about to be stopped by the fact that Picky Sticky's sister's car had us blocked in. "You can get around it," Oldest friend advised Dr. Great Smile and that's just what she attempted to do.

It went bad. Turns out sand will suck you in before you know it.

Before the rest of us had even accepted what had happened, Godson's Mom leapt from the vehicle, found shingles, and shoved them under the tires. Godson's Mom's previous stuck experience had been with mud and her method would have worked under those circumstances. It's okay. What she lacked in knowledge of the finer points of the situation, she more than made up for with enthusiasm.

Then Precious's phone rang. Mr. Precious was on the other end. After hearing of our predicament, he insisted on getting on the phone with Dr. Great Smile. He'd seen a video on how to get out of such scrapes and knew just what to do. That might also have worked if we'd had a shovel.

By now we had exited the car. It was interesting to observe who went into action to solve the problem and who stood back, hands in the air, muttering, "I've got no idea." (I fell into the second group.) Dancing Queen wanted to call Triple A but some were afraid that might take too long and cut into our fun. I can see both sides.

Three of the more athletically inclined in our group decided they should push. Two were wearing pink shirts, one black. Dr. Great Smile stuck her head out the window and said, "Y'all need to move around so you're standing pink, black, pink. It's bothering me." It didn't help.

Finally, we faced that someone was going to have to go next door and ask men for help. We sent Precious and Cutest Girl Alive. (If you saw them, you'd understand why.) Cutest Girl Alive smiled and Precious said, "We're stuck in the saa-and!"

They brought a shovel. After telling us that we, "Clean up real good," they put Ms. Classy behind the wheel (since she weighs the least), dug around the tires, and we were out.

We all get stuck in our writing or in life. What do you do when you get stuck? Go into action and try to fix it by trial and error? Analyze the situation? Throw up your hands? Call in reinforcements?


  1. Alicia,
    So glad your Mom posted a comment about the blog. This is fabulous genuine writing! I am enjoying each entry. I'll be tuning in regularly. It makes me feel like I'm home!
    Keep hammering out them words, girl!

  2. Oh, Lordie, I can picture it now. Your girl trips sound like the Playfriend trips--never does one go by without some kind of adventure we didn't plan!!! I've had so much fun with those women.

    Hmmm.... what do I do when I get stuck? Freeze. :) At least at first. Then I start analyzing the problem to try to figure out the solution. Not always right, but at least I'm moving forward!

  3. Y'all's book club needs to go on more shenanigans, so you can write about them, and I can be amused.

  4. Enjoyed the story! Wish I could have seen it. Sand is insidious...

    When I get stuck, I stop and go find something else to do, usually something physical. I also play games on the computer, a real waste of time. But as someone pointed out to me, Pantster, it helps me to think of the problem.

    I am so proud of you girls though - men definitely can come in handy sometimes.

  5. Lynn--I am so glad you were amused since you took time away from working toward that looming deadline!

    DoRightWoman--I am so happy to see you here. Facebook is great for reconnecting! This is actually my blog. Alicia is the pen name my writing partner and I hope to use when we sell. She's Plotter and I'm Pantster. Check out our website: http://aliciapace.com/

    Danniele--At least you think it through, Plotter that you are. I pantster right through it, usually with bad results!

  6. Sarah--Anything can be funny. we'll endeavor to keep you amused.

    Cheryl-- I certainly don't mind calling on a man in such situations. It does, however, annoy me that I can't seem to get the same action our of a repairman ans They Guy. But at the end of the day, I let him handle it because I just want the washing machine fixed.

  7. "Pink, black, pink"....Pantster you made my afternoon!!! LOL

  8. Sherry--It really happened. And she meant it.

  9. Thanks for sharing this, Panster! I had a clear picture of what happened in my head. What an adventure!

    Too bad you couldn't use crabs to hoist you out of the sand like Cap'n Jack did. ;)

    How do I deal? I go into action mode at warp speed to fix things. When the catastrophy is over and I have time to think, then I mull over what should have beens or what I could have done differently. When it comes to writing, I fume a bit, then tackle the problem, often needing to go do something else for a little while to right my thoughts first. But I won't do that for long, normally, well usually, that is... ;)

  10. I plow right through until I can't (thus my advice that driving in the sand would be ok.) Then I walk away (get out of the car) and send in the reinforcements (CGA and Precious.)

  11. When I get stuck I have to stop to make a plan. Possibly spend some time on research but at the end of the day I am not above using bosom and a smile to get the job done.

    Glad to read that everyone is having such a good time on our blog. Thanks for visiting with us.

  12. Kathy--We would have been glad to see a crab!

    OF--CGA and Precious as invaluable!