Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tales From the Beach Part 1: Women With a Theme

Top: Sam's Mom, Dr. Great Smile, Oldest Friend, Pantster, Godson's Mom
Bottom: Picky Sticky, Ms. Classy, Precious, Cutest Girl Alive, and Dancing Queen

I just returned from the beach, where I spent a long weekend with nine other women. There was no drama, no backstabbing, and no man bashing. I love The Guy and I hate it when women get together and start man bashing. I avoid that situation and the women who do it. Understand that man bashing is very different from a woman expressing frustration with her man. That's allowed. It even saves relationships. What I hate is the "All Men Are Atrocious" rants.

Anyway, we had a wonderful four bedroom on a private beach. I've known these women for a long time and every one of them enriches my life. Everyone lamented that Plotter, Heartbreaker-Soul-Shaker, and Art Girl couldn't go but we had a good time anyway.

At one point I went into the bedroom I was sharing with Oldest Friend, Precious, and Godson's Mom. I caught sight of some items on my bed: A feather boa from Precious and an insulted "Oil Slick Chicks" mug that Sam's Mom and Picky Sticky had custom made. Do I even have to tell you everyone got these items? In addition, Precious had gifted me with a glow in the dark magic wand. I scooped up these items and went into the living room where Dr. Great Smile, Precious, Cutest Girl Alive, and Dancing Queen were drinking and contemplating the universe.

I tossed the treasures on the canoe and glass coffee table and said, "We've become those women we said we'd never be."

"What women?" Dr. Great Smile asked. (She always needs the whole story.)

"Women with a theme." I didn't have to explain myself further since these women speak Pantster, but you know the ones I mean—they have matching t-shirts, visors, and—God help me—feather boas.

"We are not women with a theme," Precious said. She swung her foot and flipped the page of her InStyle magazine in that precious way of hers. "We are women with random sh*t. However, random sh*t is the path to a theme."

If I must become a woman with a theme, I want it to be with these women—plus Plotter, Heartbreaker-Soul-Shaker, and Art Girl, of course.

Do you have women you'd be willing to be themed with? Tell me about them.


  1. Of course and they know who they are! ;)

  2. I envy you the opportunity to share times with such wonderful friends. I do not have the same good fortune. Being a loner, I have not cultivated a group like yours. Enjoy them and hold them close.

  3. I do have women I would willing to carry on a theme for, and I just spent the weekend with most of them. I'd even wear a red hat with my purple feather boa and priss around in purple and red pajamas just to be in their presence.
    The weekend was exactly what it should have been, all the benefits of people who enrich your lives without having to work for it!

  4. heartbreaker-soulshakerMay 24, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    So glad you girls had a great time!! and are home safely. Keep the theme alive, and I'll be there next time.

  5. So, being as I am, will we bring the RS to the next weekend? Such a loving, supportive, caring group of women! I love you all!

  6. Sounds like fun! I'm kind of with Cheryl, though. I've moved around so much in my life that I haven't cultivated that kind of close group. I always feel like I'm on the periphery of groups like that. I know those groups, but I'm not one of them. Maybe one day I'll find my own group that I'm a necessary part of and then we too can have a theme. ;)

  7. I'm in the group with Cheryl and Lynn. I'm more of an introvert with a few extrovert tendencies. LOL I have my exercise group, but when class is over we go our separate ways. The only other group I spend any time with is our chapter. And y'all are the best BTW!
    Love the pic. Sounds like you had a great time. :-)

  8. Kathy, I would be proud to theme with you!

    HB-SS, We'll hold you to that. You would have been useful in getting us unstuck from the sand. More on that Wednesday.

    Cheryl, It's never too late. Sometimes, you look up and there's a soul mate.

    Michelle--Definitely RS. We'll work on it.

    Playground Monitor--I guess that's true. I don't really think of y'all as having a theme.

    Lynn--Since you live nearby, you should come to book club with me some time. I'll bet you know some of these people through your Decatur connections. We are particular, but we are not a closed clique. Some of us have been close for years, others are newer treasures.

    Sherry, You can group with me anytime!

  9. I am just so tickled to have been assigned a nickname - even in my absence. I haven't had a nickname since high school when a good friend and I affectionately called each other 'Beef' n 'Cheddar'. At any rate - this is not an event I will miss again.

  10. Lynn, I know exactly how you feel. I grew up and have lived the same way. Brats rule! ;)

    I forgot to mention earlier, Panster, that I'm so glad you had fun on your trip to the beach! No oil blobs, I hope. We're debating whether or not to schedule a trip to the beach this year because of that horrible oil rig explosion and leak.

  11. Art Girl is so much better than Cheddar! Or were you beef?

    Kathy--It was beautiful. Not a single tarball. We went to Dauphin Island and it much less crowded than Orange Beach. I can give you some particulars if you're interested.

  12. I would gladly go to book club with you, Pantster! :)

    The whole idea of oil blobs on the beach really saddens me. :( Glad you didn't have any! I'd be interested in the particulars on Dauphin Island too. Hubby and I are always saying we want to go to the beach. We really miss it sometimes since moving away from Hawaii.