Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Things That Make Me Go....Hmmmmm

I am excited to be back  under the tulip tree after some time off from having a regular weekly day.  I am going to be blogging on Wednesdays for a while.  I see this as a serendipitous journey that will surely take us in many adventurous  directions.

Today I would like for us to explore the questions that make us go....Hmmmm?   
Lately I have been pondering motorcycles and motorcycle riders, probably because I watch Sons of Anarchy.   Last week in the new season opener. one of the characters was pondering about how when he went fast enough the other things in his head just faded away.  I can see that as a big plus.  I think we all have days where we wish we could reduce the buzz in our heads to just the roar of wind.  Oh, and a very naked Jimmy Smits in his first appearance on the show was a SERIOUS bonus!

Anyone who has recently been on a dating site can tell you that motorcycles seem to be all the rage.  Almost every male profile has a picture of a man beside or on a motorcycle.  I just don't get this one. I want to know that a man can afford a car.

Anyway, back to motorcycles. They seem to reveal sides of people that you just don't expect. I know another teacher who has her own very spiffy looking Harley Davidson. (For those who don't know that's a really hot  top of the line cycle.) A solid upstanding member of my church, who is an insurance agent, drives what can only be described as a crotch rocket. (This is one of those really fast slick looking bikes.) Probably the most puzzling match I know is my friend, Bullrider, who rides a scooter--not any sort of ramped up hot ride but a regular old scooter.  What the heck?
All this makes me go Hmmmm.... but the King of the Hmmmm... inspiring motorcycle questions is this:

Why don't you ever see motorcycles in a drive thru?  Is it because they don't have cup holders?

What question makes you go, hmmmm?

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  1. Right now, what's making me go Hmmmm, are shirts that talk.

    I gave them up quite a while ago because I think there comes a time when you are too old too let hair hang down our back and wear shirts that talk.

    Yet, it seems to be sneaking on me. I never gave up the game day shirt (that's different) but I seem to be donning National Championship shirts on more than game day. (I my defense there are SO many.) And while Precious Angel was playing high school ball, I had a sweatshirt with his name and number. Lately, I have been pulling out those old Junior League shirts that advertise charitable events.

    All that you can kinda sorta see. But right now I am wearing a Sea n Suds shirt that I bought with my own money. Recently. Willfully. Sober.

    And I see I have broken two of my pet peeves in the paragraph above. I said "kinda' and "sorta'. Those are not words.

    At least I don't have a shirt that says "kinda sorta". Yet.