Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rain and The Mothman Prophesies

As I was driving through the rain, I was struck by the beauty light plays as it reflects off the darkness streaking across a wet road.  Of course, there is a point where wet roads mesmerize drivers and that's never a good thing.  But oh, what a fabulous hypnotic spell woven, like a Monet painting, sheer gloss, motions of light and color dancing across the concrete canvas.  It may be harder to drive on a shiny wet road, but it sure is a pretty spectacle to behold.
And speaking of spectacles, it was while I was driving down this phenomenal road that I spied a dark something on my driver's side window.  ACK!  A quick glance proved it was a bug, a very large brown bug.  Thankfully, I kept my cool and rolled down my window in the pouring rain to get that moth-like creature to fly out of sight and out of the car.  Reminded me of that movie, The Mothman Prophesies with Richard Gere.  (Shiver me timbers!)
This sighting probably wouldn't have bothered me so much if my nerves weren't already frayed.  LTC's having back problems.  He's been hurting for over a week and he's not one to ever complain, even at his worst.  I'm hoping it's not a disc problem.  Future visits to the chiropractor will reveal more.  Meanwhile, I'm recovering from a serious infection that had me shivering for days.  (Thank you, antibiotics!  I adore you.  Just sayin...)  And there've been various family issues to contend with lately, but I won't go into them now because they're personal and would take up too much space.  ;)
My point today is this, little things like dragonflies and colorful wet roads stand out at times like this, when we're overly tired, straped thin, or worried.  Sometimes an appreciation for the simple can only take place when the mind is preoccupied.  But it's at those times, the times when life may seem to be near the breaking point, that the simple manifests into something more meaningful and the memory is implanted forever.
I'm having experiences like that these days.  And though I balk at change, I'm enjoying the rain.  The cleansing steady drizzle upon my window panes.  The constant flow of water shedding off my gutters.  I sit transfixed watching raindrops pound the pavement on the street.  And occasionally, I get to enjoy the myriad reflections displayed on a road showered with green, red and yellow light. 
I'm stopping to pay attention.  Life wants me to take a second look.  What have you looked at twice lately?

Katherine Bone
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  1. Hi, Katherine. I'm so sorry to hear that you and your hubby have been battling health issues. Glad you're getting better. I totally get what you mean. In Costa Rica we have a saying that translated is:Go slowly because I'm in a hurry." And I think it goes with what you're saying, about being stressed, nerves frayed, etc., and how you need to stop and gather your thoughts (or let them stray) and take a moment to look around.
    I do that a lot (stress go away) but find a blue sky, those wonderful mountains across the country, a river rushing down a mountain; they all help lighten my heart and make me smile.

  2. Hey Johanna, thank you for posting!!! LTC is feeling a bit better now that the chiropractor is working on him. Apparently, he's got a bit of disc trouble in his lower back. Mild, but sufficently painful. He's going to get better. I just know it!!

    I LOVE your Costa Rican saying!! I'm going to remember this one. Love the song "Don't worry, be happy." Must come from the same place. You think?

    What I love to do is watch trees sway in the wind, or wheat sway in the wind. For some reason that really stablizing my frenzied life. Kansas was one of the best places to tap into that calming moment. ;)

    1. Sweet! I love that song, too. I think the singer is Jamaican, though. LolI have to agree about wind and rain, so soothing. Watching the ocean has the same effect for me, though I don't get there as often as I did when I lived in CR.

  3. When I lived out west, my last apartment there was half underground with a huge window looking out over the landscape. Rain was a very rare occurrence and I found myself drawn to watching the raindrops hitting the leaves one day looking through that window. The trees and bushes were close enough that as the water fell, I could see them in my mind as a dance and I could actually hear the notes of music play with each hit of rain upon the leaves. It was healing to watch. And it was an event I'll never forget, one I think on each time I see the rain fall from the sky even now. It's like a caution sign for me to take a minute to enjoy the moment, take a deep breath and listen to the music.

    Enjoy the rain, Kathy. Let it soothe and refresh you so you can relish in the great things ahead! <3

    1. Oh, I can picture that image, Lesia. There is something about rain and wind that dances around us and in our souls at the same time. ;)

      Thanks for the boost!!