Okay, Listen Here

Okay, Listen Here

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fakin' Coons and Schwing, Ribeyes on the Side

Growing up in Northern Louisiana, Brocato's (pronounced Bro-COD-doz) was a traditional fancy schmancy night out to dinner in my world.  I never went there myself until I was almost married and moving away.  And then I don't think I ate anything.  Nonetheless, their recipes were revered and enjoyed by most in town.  When I moved away I was proud to learn their famous ribeye secrets and finally enjoyed them for myself.  And since then I've rarely, if ever, ventured away from that hometown Yum. 

Brocato’s Famous Ribeyes with a Twist of Le Sia!

  • Ribeyes cut about ¾ inch thick (make sure they’re marbleized well) 
  • Meat Tenderizer of choice (I use Spike brand with no MSG for all my recipes)
  • Fresh ground black pepper
  • Fresh minced garlic, about 1 clove per steak
  • Kitchen Bouquet (found on the top shelf of the grocery store next to steak sauces)

Sprinkle both sides of your steaks with tenderizer and pepper somewhat generously.  Rub your garlic into the meat as well, smearing the pepper and tenderizer into the meat better.   Place everything in a Ziploc and add enough Kitchen Bouquet to coat the meat.  Massage it all together and refrigerate overnight.  Grill or broil steaks in the oven when you’re ready to eat.  I like a medium rare steak so it’s usually about four minutes per side.  And le’me tellya!  Yum is absolute!  I rarely ever cook them any other way because it’s just a sure thing.  New York Strips are good this way too.   Add a baked potato and a fresh veggie salad and Voila!  You’re ready to eat!

Ever wonder how a good ol’ Coonass got his gumbo that beautiful copper color without slaving over the perfect roux?  Faked it!  Yep.  He cheated by pouring in a bit of Kitchen Bouquet.  Every Cajun knows it.  Many have done it.  But they ain’t sayin’….. 

Also, you can vary that ribeye recipe with chicken breasts and pork loins too.  And if you want a little extra somethin’-somethin’?  Throw in a bit of citrus….lime, orange, lemon.  It just increases the yum factor and adds a little zing to the schwing!  

Bon Appetit, y’all!  


  1. Kitchen Bouquet huh? No oil, flour, iron skillet, and all afternoon?

    Well. I guess that's a little like using quick grits--which I do. Not instant, though. I have my limits.

  2. I LOVE shortcuts. I use to try and do everything from scratch but I learned there were ways to do things that looked and tasted similar. ;)

  3. Well Kathy and Jean, I admit red-facedly, I double the protection of my gumbo and use both Kitchen Bouquet as well as a slaved over roux. I know it's overkill, but I love the color of it and I think without a roux entirely it tastes empty. I wish I could take the shortcuts. It'd make life easier, for sure. But I'm sticking to the old way for the sake of richness of flavor.

    That said. Lordy Pete! I just discovered yellow grits...the real deal, not quick in any way. And I have to say, I think my Southern roots were jilted by quick grits all these years. They do NOT taste the same at all. The yellow grits are absolutely divine! In fact, I may never go back to quickies...evah! Mmm...Yummy!

  4. Sounds so good!!! I am going to have to go eat a snack! lol